Watercourse cleaning

Looking some insight into how many meters a reasonable driver and a machine can clean out per hour/per day, to clean out a watercourse. Have a lot to do and not sure how long/ how much it will cost me.
depends how big, wide, how much to come out. Cleaning a ditch with a single bucketful with a 360 I can do a metre a minute, (until I get bored then I have lots of tidying up to do!) If the 360 can reach it does not make much difference the size of the digger, bigger ones needing more skill not to take too much out.

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Dont know what area you are , but around £37/40 hr ,gets you one of the fowlers ,and a free digger , skilled drainage men , will bevdoing some more this time


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We've got a bit to. Are there any cross compliance rules about ditching ?
I couldn't find any when I looked, but they may be hidden elsewhere. It's difficult to find stuff when it's online, much easier when you got a paper book !
Dont know your situation, but I would never be without my own excavator, paid £18000 for the last one about 10 years back . Hardly spent a penny on it bar service cost . Traded it in for a newer machine this year and almost got back what I paid for it, depends if you have time to drive it I suppose, but its surprising what you can do an hour or two now and then


Unfortunately it's a how long is a piece of string
I recently saw a full time digger man 4 days to grade off a bank that I'd only expect to take 2 days 3 at very most yes it was tidy done but he had a tilting hitch etc so should be easy.

Ditching is the same obstacles etc and a different driver can make a world of difference to how much can be done in a day

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