1. Regalis

    JD or JCB?

    Looking to buy a second hand mini/compact excavator but not sure on quality/reliability. Any particular makes or models I should look for or anything to watch out for?
  2. Agriland RSS

    Pics: Kubota unveils its new M4 and M5 tractor ranges

    Written by Agriland Team Kubota has launched two slick new ranges – the M5002 and M4003 series tractor ranges. The Japanese machinery giant claims that these latest machines possess “several upgrades” over their predecessors, the M5001 and M4002. Introduced to meet EU Stage V emissions...
  3. S

    Ransomes T51D - Right hand Deck blades engage but stop as soon as the rocker switch is released.

    New issue on my Ransomes T51D Wide area mower with a Kubota Engine. It has 3 decks, front, left and right. The issue i have is that when i press the rocker switch to activate the right hand deck, the red light on the rocker switch is illuminated and the deck blades start rotating but as soon as...
  4. C

    Kubota 9960d

    Hi Sorry my first post is about needing help ! I’ve been asked to split a Kubota 9960d The clutch Pedal is biting right at the top. I’ve been a mechanic for 20 years but never spilt a tractor before! I’m just wondering if there’s any hidden surprises or is it a straight forward job ? Cheers
  5. R

    Ride on mower issue!

    I have Stiga Park 340X with the blade on the front cutting deck. The front blade keeps seizing up and I cant cut the grass. We have to get under the mower and force it and eventually it turns any ideas why this keeps happening? The other 2 blades turn fine. Thanks
  6. M

    Kubota tractors?

    Considering a kubota m9960 tractor , won't have to work hard , 50 acres , grassland chores , moving bales. What peoples thoughts experience of these machines?
  7. Surgery

    Difference in 4ft to 5 fy rounds in rough weight

    What extra would you get in a round bale if the same bailer did 4ft and 5ft bales , belt baler , thanks
  8. S

    Help on some land matters...

    Good morning all, First post, but mainly because I am looking for advice on a few things. I am not a farmer, or have much idea on anything agricultural (I work in IT) – but with the push to working from home and two young children, we thought it would be beneficial for all our lifestyles to...
  9. Johnnyboxer

    Which manufacturer to launch the first electric tractor

    John Deere or Agco badge? Which one will be first to market for retail sale ? Would you buy an electric tractor? JLR going all electric
  10. GAM

    Quad or Mule?

    Possibly looking to px my Honda TRX420 for a Mule type 4x4, any suggestions or pros and cons?
  11. D

    small tractor

    hi looking a small tractor for the yard it will only be lifting few bales of silage, other than that be in the shed, it will be doing very very little work what will i be looking out for ( tractor please dont say wheelbarrow )
  12. Kate_PaceWard

    Which is the best Tractor?

    A client of mine is looking to purchase a new tractor, he's after the best all rounder. Can you provide any recommendations? Thanks in advance! Kate Evans Dip CII Commercial Account Executive Pace Ward Limited T 01782 286311 | M 07811 550078 W www.paceward.com Happy with our Service? Please...
  13. D

    Best jump starter for tractors?

    As above, what heavy duty power packs do people use to jump start farm vehicles, best value, quality and any other opinions would be appreciated.
  14. S

    Loader tractor

    Newholland T5120 or MF5711m? What’s better? For loader tractor on sheep and beef hill farm?
  15. J

    Which New Livestock Tractor???

    Hello new here, just wondered if the more knowledgeable here could give some advice on a new tractor. No experience of MF, JD, Claas. Fendt is certainly out of the question! Had Valtra, Case, Zetor and NH. Looking for something comfortable. Must be 115/120hp+ Preferably suspension - never had...
  16. G

    Which fertiliser spreader for 50 hp tractor

    Hi, I'm after some advice please. I have a 52hp Kubota on a caravan park and am looking for a suitable fertiliser spreader. What do you use / recommend please. Thanks in anticipation.
  17. A

    JD Boilersuit

    I can’t seem to find any of the usual black with the green arms JD boilersuits I wear everyday in stock anywhere! Anyone else notice this or are they taking out some fancy new design probably for more money! I swear by them but don’t like the almost fully green ones show up oil etc too much! I...
  18. Agriland RSS

    Kubota UK appoints new general manager for its Tractor Business Unit

    Written by William Kellett Kubota (UK) Ltd has appointed Henry Bredin in a newly created role as general manager to head-up its recently formed Tractor Business Unit (TBU). With responsibility for Kubota’s agricultural and ground care sectors, Bredin brings with him a wealth of commercial...
  19. daveydiesel1

    Jarmet disc mower

    Any1 own 1 of these
  20. Raisbecw

    Kubota M7 series 2

    Does anyone run a kubota M7 ? Just looking for any feedback anyone may have on them. We managed to have one out on demo for a few days and was pleasantly surprised. I am looking to use it purely for raking or tedding so not reliant on a highly equipped machine, simple and reliable is the aim...