Weed licker workings


Carlow Ireland
Trying an experiment on thistles that have come into a multi species award using a weed wiper, but have never used one before. It’s a carpet version, and just wondering how exactly it works to avoid dripping & still maybe get a kill on the thistles.

How long do you leave nozzles spraying and what would be the best speed, tested it out yesterday and dripping was an issue. Carpet seems to be perfect in it….


Livestock Farmer
North Suffolk
Ours is a micron and has a control box where you can set the drip rate it then turns on and off automatically to maintain this. Chap said ideally you just want the chemical beading on the edge.

There is a knack to getting it right though and it just comes from experience I've found. Speed wise we go a good walking pace as you don't really want the weeds flicking back to aggressively.

To be honest it's a job I don't mind but hate the ten day wait to see if you have actually done any good.

Mur Huwcun

Livestock Farmer
North West Wales
As daft as it may sound do a few tank fulls of MCPA or thistlex etc with it first to get the hang of it, then find a field that no one sees to try with glyphosat! We had one years ago intill Dad lent it out and I remember a lot of mucking about fine tuning it!

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