What Dairy Equipment and General Farm Equipment exhibition / show do you recommend?


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What U.K. Dairy Farm Exhibition or shows would you recommend to go to (name top 1 or 2 please)?

Same as above for general farm equipment

Are there any exhibitions in Europe that you would recommend?

thanks Colink

Martin Holden

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If you are 100% Dairy product based, Dairy Tech show at Stoneleigh next month and the Holstein club Dairy Show in Telford in September. There is also the S W Dairy Show in Somerset in October and the Welsh version in September.
European has to be Euro Tier, held every other year in November in Hanover, Germany.

Dairy wise there’s nowt I get over excited about since the demise of the good old dairy event when it was held at Stoneleigh, I do go to the dairy day in Telford but it’s a poor substitute.

General machinery of all sorts, LAMMA

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VÃderstad presents the new Marathon 15/25 point for heavy clay duty

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VÃderstad presents the new Marathon 15/25 point for heavy clay duty

Väderstad introduces the new Marathon 15/25 tine harrow point, which provides guaranteed working depth in heavier soils. Together with the wider Marathon 25/35, the tine harrow Marathon family is now complete.

The 15/25 is a further specialization addition to the Marathon 25/35 introduced in 2018.

Dont be fooled by the smaller size, this is an extremely tough point. It has a narrow bottom of just 15 millimeters with a pointy shape, which means that it can maintain the working depth even in tough soil conditions with heavy clay. It has an even higher soil penetration ability than the Marathon 25/35, says...