Which front links?


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Looking for user experience with front links, which would you choose, how easy are they to fit, what sort of money should they be? would it be better too fit pto at the same time, Has anyone done anything with MX front links. 150hp tractor. Thanks.


Your choice of available linkages depends on your make / model of tractor. Plenty more choice available for a JD than a MF.
Fitting is easy enough. Instructions come with the kits. I sourced a Goppel 3.8tonne front linkage /PTO fit, with soft ride accumulator, and 2 extra spool connections to the front for just over £4k.
The MX are probably fine, but will cost you a lot more by the time the UK importer and the local dealer gets a cut.
There are two people in the UK,that just send them out direct ,at great prices.
PM me if you want the details


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I had one set front links off @Guy was very pleased with, came with all bolts and hydraulic fittings, would certainly use again if needed.
Also had a tractor with Mx front links, again worked fine but only did that because it was fitted to a tractor with an Mx loader and the front links shared the same joystick and pressure accumulator.
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Try symon Jacobson.
just had a very nice linkage of guy machine link , no bolts or hydraulic fittings came with it their cheaper for a reason , should of had one of symons ex display ones ?quite disappointing really as it’s a good tidy linkage

As I explained when ordering, our own brand of linkage is a simple linkage that comes with top link, linkage balls, hyd pipes and a sh!t off valve. At £1399 delivered it’s an affordable way to fit a linkage on an older tractor. The alternative is £400 more.
Apologies if you found this “disappointing “

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