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    4k is a , pee take. Round here £10 acre to mow, £6 approx a time to ted or rake. Small bale cost to bale I would not know. Agree with previous posts, go 50/50 with a good neighbour who will look after the crop as it was his own
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    Fresh calved cow with blood in milk, is there a correct protocol?

    Get a vit K jab from the vet. It helps stop internal bleeding in the udder
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    Block glue

    Yes. The glue finishes way before the tips and nozzles. I did the same years ago, changed to BD supplies and you order any things individually , I think I went 2 years ordering glue only as I had enough spare tips and blocks!
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    Block glue

    Had same issues with bovibond a couple of years ago. Changed to BD Supplies own brand and been great. Have to prise a lot off as holding on too well. Get about 5-6 blocks per tube. In winter put glue over Rayburn rack before getting cow into crush and don’t hang about getting the block on the hoof!
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    Any one got experience of Enegis calf group hutches
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    All things Dairy

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    Lime in cubicles

    Have used Nadins cubicle lime for several years. No teat burns and hardly any mastitis. Used in straw bedded hard core cubicles and sawdust covered mats
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    British friesian bulls

    Anybody had any Gabriel calves yet
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    Beef / Lamb & Pig Price Tracker

    West Wales. Had R grade prices from Pickstock 3.10 and text from Meadow Quality for 3.15 with the plainer cows at minimum of 2.35
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    Beef / Lamb & Pig Price Tracker

    Where's the best outlet for dairy culls straight out of parlour?
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    How long to putting new calved milk in the tank

    Use 1/4 milker occasionally, fiddle to use but confident of no tank failure
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    Ecoli mastitis

    Says on the bag u could use on its own safely,but I always cover with straw or sawdust
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    Ecoli mastitis

    just seen this thread.Last couple winters not had one case of e coli mastitis since using Nadins cubicle lime I put it on every 2 days usually , every day on some cubicles if they are damp/dirty. Our cell counts are under 100 all winter and mastitis is more of a problem in summer ironically
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    Milk Price Tracker

    Sorry if this topic is not quite in line with the milk price tracker thread.I suppose what I am getting at is the "take home" price for a lot of us this spring will be much lower than our individual headline contract price
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    Milk Price Tracker

    I agree! I have almost given up on good solids in spring milk anyway. There is a fine line between the cost of feeding silage and getting better solids even with a decent milk price. It still pees you off though when you get your NML results