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    Ladybirds in grain

    They will all be either washed or blown away after this bloody wind and rain this morning.
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    Harvest struggles,!

    Yet to start harvest here, all spring barley only just coming ready now,it's a struggle to even get 3 or 4 dry days to do 2nd cut silage! Hopefully the weather settles down for second half of the month.
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    Today at work

    Yesterday at work !!!!! Finally got some spring barley in, raining this morning to keep the stoor down!
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    Today at work

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    Worse gearbox you have used

    Anyone been in through the oil filler plug with a screw driver to release the the gear selector on 1,2 and 500 series fergies.
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    restoration photos

    I had a 550 and a 565 at the same time, the 550 seemed to punch well above its weight, not a huge lot of difference between the two.
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    Today at work

    That's a bold statement asking for rain!!!! We haven't got a seed in the ground this autumn.
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    A roup is what us northerners call a farm sale.
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    Are all NH Bale Command Plus the same ?

    I had both NH 648 and 7060 balers at the same time both controls looked the same plugs, sockets were all the same! But one wouldn't work the other, I suspect they are wired differently!! We thought we could use any of the wired tractors to go on either baler!! New Holland had other...
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    Today at work

    Took this for its annual test this morning! Thank fully legal for another year.
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    Transit connect down on power

    We had a LR defender, TD5 engine with similar symptoms, it was the Mass air flow meter that was faulty. I've no idea wether the connect has a similar engine IHA.
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    Today at work

    Christ, I've got the nice task of trying to bale that mess.
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    Massey 6150 or 3075

    Our 6265 was a gutless bugger too!!!!!! In about 4000 hours the engine was rebuilt twice, it had new turbos, the list is end less, which was shame because it was a nice tractor to drive, if you kept the revs up!!! It had to go in the end. We replaced it with a 6480, a different beast altogether.
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    2017 , rapidly turning in to....

    We've had so many wet harvests I've lost track of the memorable years good and bad, I'm sure this harvest will be affecting the mental state of folk unfortunately!!
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    2017 , rapidly turning in to....

    It's just as bad in the east of Scotland as well trying to bale straw behind a 40 ft tracked lexion today was a nightmare , the field resembles the Somme now .

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