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    Beef / Lamb & Pig Price Tracker

    Need to come down your way for a load smart lim heifers 300kg making £800 not hard to have your avarge up at 2,30 to to 2.50 a kilo up here in the north of Scotland
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    New Holland wobble box

    Don't think so
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    Orf blocks

    These tubs my biggest problem is iv 150 ewes running with 90 heifers will the cattle just gobble them before the ewes and lambs get near them?
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    Cull ram price?

    Bought cull tups in Dingwall was getting good tups for £83
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    Round balers

    Jd 960 28k on it brilliant but was expensive [emoji33]
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    Cutting mature chicory

    Has anyone tried cutting the above with a mower have a hectare to cut and bale for a local estate? It's around 6ft tall and very britle
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    cattle head scoop

    Inverness £250
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    cattle head scoop

    Iae one here forsale
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    Can u not fill the furrow hole u left with the next run sounds to me your lifting plough out of ground to early
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    KV 4 furrow reversible plough

    Hrn have one 6k
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    John deere forklift

    Looking for a back axle anyone know of any breakers burdens don't have anything!!! Thanks
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    Tyre sealant

    Both tyres off same axle?
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    Bateman rb 15

    Hi would anyone know where a lime spreader could be found to fit on the Bateman or suggestions to start looking thanks
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    Gaurdian air nozzles

    Just been looking at some of these online what's is roughly the individual cost of a nozzle iv never bought before ? On eBay it's a pic of a bag but it seems to cheap at £5.60 [emoji13]
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    Fendt vario

    According to a fendt owner x4 he had a gearbox go bang 2 years ago on a 724 100% zf he said