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    Scrap Metal Price

    What does it cost roughly to get the bin dropped off?
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    Old three ton dumper. Based in Camelford, North Cornwall. Very helpful normally
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    MF35 cross shaft fit a Fergie T20?

    Not able to give an answer to your query but I doubt it. We completely wore out the top cover and shaft on a TEF with 20+yrs of scraping. We managed to buy a complete TVO backend and then put the top cover and pump on the TEF as most of the TVO ones got put on light duties when the diesels came...
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    quick fixes, bodges and creations

    Fire extinguisher holder?
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    Project Xerion.

    I overheard this one day: "The trouble is I've taught you all I know but you still know nothing"
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    What is best liquid to free pistons?

    I remember seeing the same thing. Have also been told pouring hot water into the block after whatever oil has been soaking for a while can help
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    Sourcing automotive connectors?

    Lots of videos on youtube of how to identify connectors and de-pin them
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    Ford ranger locking nut key

    Irwin bolt grips got them off daughters car when it came without the key. Don't ever let anyone use a windy gun on the sort with pins. I had a major fall out with an idiot in a tyre place over that one!
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    JF 1050 vs JF 900

    Off topic slightly but what is the current recommended horsepower for a link box?
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    Ford 10 series loader hydraulics

    As others have said I'd go for using the existing in cab spools and disable the detent mechanisms. They are a total pain when using a loader and can be dangerous as you have to push back to centre rather than just letting go. As regards the single acting lift I'd put the single pipe in the top...
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    quick fixes, bodges and creations

    Soft nuts, hard bolts. Some interesting reading here:
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    Identify grubbers plz

    Twose I would say
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    MF 135 Brakes

    Engage lever in adjuster and push towards front of tractor to tighten and towards rear to loosen off.Took me years of random turning to finally work it out! Have just bought a C-Class Merc and it turns out that the handbrake is a miniature version of the MF set up inside the disc hub. You adjust...
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    Spraying down with oil

    Used back axle/transmission oil is what I use. Have tried new oil if no used left and it doesn't spray well which probably shows that the additives that make it cling have been minced in the used stuff. Used engine oil is beastly stuff and certainly wouldn't be spraying that.