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    Tractor clock

    Expect it’s the same as the 650s and 810s etc, press and hold the button on the top of the dash (just to the right of centre) til the clock flashes then press short to change the hours, press long to save and press short to change the minutes, press long to save again
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    Claas cmatic

    Don’t know if this is any use to you, had a couple of demos of cmatic on 800 and 900 series tractors this summer (assuming it’s a very similar gearbox) and found it to be reasonably easy to use. Don’t know if the 600 series tractors come with the touch screen to control the gearbox, wasn’t...
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    Kelso show

    It is a good show, lots to see for the whole family, stock, tractors, cars, last time I went I'm sure there was a children's tent, lots of food too. Also reasonably sized beer tent. Worth a visit I'd say
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    Fitbit or smartwatch type of thing

    I did 52000 steps one day last harvest according to my iPhone. As someone who had been sitting in a tractor all day I was very impressed with myself
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    Old weather symbols?

    Are they the saints? One saint for each day?
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    Another bloody pickup thread

    Looking forward to seeing how this turns out, seen a few old beauties on holiday in Holland this week, to have a new one will be even better, plus the satisfaction of having made it yourself. Is it too early to ask if you'll have it painted shiny or will you go for the rusty patina look?
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    TFF meet at Highland Show.

    At most it's 3/4 of a mile
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    Are you BAME, LBGT, a new entrant from the city, a young farmer or just a bit odd?

    Well I for one reckon the op posts these things from time to time to see what those of the farming community have to say and perhaps even to trip people up, and who knows where the responses on this forum may be quoted in future. Would be very easy for someone with a malicious agenda to turn 'i...
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    Modern version of a time sheet!

    Tell them to put it in the diary on their phone and give them a timesheet to fill out at the end of each week/day/when they can be bothered
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    tm 150 dodgy

    Never seen a 50k tm150, was it an option?
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    GPS app ?

    So do you have to be really smart to make it talk to a tractor for autosteer or is it something your average ag student could do?
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    GPS app ?

    Given that phone gps accuracy is about the same as the apparent accuracy of the Garmin reciever and light bars are a good guide but pretty difficult to follow without wiggling all over the field, is there any point buying a Garmin? Apart from colouring in where you've been with the fert spreader...
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    Some of us still do...
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    Case vs NH

    Funny bunch the Americans, considering all the nazi scientists they took in, mind control experiments they did to children and chemical weapons tests they did to human subjects, what a strange moral compass considering the part they played in WW2