1. H

    Fodder beet

    Looking at the benefits of feeding fodder beet to our growing cattle (8-14mth) and finishing cattle. Is it worth adding to either of the mixes. And how often can I grow it in the same field? Thanks in advance
  2. Jim75

    Fodder Beet drill with narrow/wide spacing

    Are there any precision drills that can go as narrow as 375mm or as wide as 750mm? Crop is grazed in situ or lifted with a beet bucket so doesn’t need to fit for a lifter. Thanks
  3. G

    UK supermarket to make plant-based food range cost the same as meat equivalents

    Economics of scale are taking place with meat alternatives, in a few years your average meat free sausage will cost the same as a Meat sausage - subsidies play a role as well...
  4. Electricfencer

    I hate weekends!

    Anyone else fed up with weekends. People leaving gates open, dogs running wild (more than normal) and the phone never stops with wannabe shepherds telling me how to do my job!
  5. D

    Lurmark Pneumatic Boom Section Shutoff Valve won't shut.

    On my old Bateman Hi Lo sprayer manifold we have 4 air operated Lurmark boom section shutoff valves. Over the years I have had a few problems with these valves failing to close particularly at higher spraying pressures. They do close if you switch the spray pump off for a couple of seconds to...
  6. G

    What to do?

    Hi all, First post on thefarmingforum. We are a beef farm on former sandy heathland that we now graze and cut for hay. Soil is very light and sandy with some clayey bits but this is mostly SSSI. pH low 5’s so have just limed our two best forage fields at 3t/acre with the 2mm to dust stuff.....I...
  7. H

    John Deere 170hp engine

    water cooled fitted in a Bateman RB25. Is there anything to watch out for in high houred models? I’ve been offered a very tidy RB25 but it’s done 12,000 hours. Two owners and I’d be buying it privately so no come back. In general it’s extremely tidy machine and I’m not to bothered if I need to...
  8. Greythundercloudys

    Frosty april

    Not a surprise this has been the frostest April on record, around the 18th it was like Xmas morning around here, no wonder there is no grass.
  9. F

    Grass Big Bales and Kale outwintering

    I'm thinking of keeping a small suckler herd out until Christmas to save on slurry storage! I have seen ppl place bales out in the field of kale ready for the winter. What balance of kale to silage do you recommend?
  10. D

    The Multiplier Effect

    £1 of taxpayer money given to the livestock farmer is of greater economic benefit to UK agriculture as a whole, than £1 given to the arable farmer. Discuss. Extra marks for showing any workings.
  11. Clive

    No fungicide 2021

    nearly may and yet to use a fungicide, crops spotless clean cold, dry - could this be the first year we don’t use this group of chemicals at all ? rain could change things yet but it will need to be significant now to rebalance smd’s anyone else not applied a fungicide to wheat or barley...
  12. W

    Case optum 300

    Looking for a fairly big hp tractor but nimble enough to go on corn cart etc. I have demoed it and ti be honest really liked it, but I have never had a case before, so what are people's findings...
  13. jd6110

    16month in calf heifer

    As title getting ready to let cattle out an noticed limo heifer springin and heavy🤔😩 of course she’s not the biggest and def not the quietest. What would ye recommend to feed her wit till she calves were guessin month plus or minus away? Hav some hay left an could leave her on bare paddock but...
  14. H

    Will we be ploughing for re seeding in the future?

    With farmers taking the blame for wrecking the planet do you think we will be ploughing up permanent grassland to re seed?
  15. E

    Sugar beet damage - skylarks?

    As above really - I have quite a few acres of beet where the cotyledons have disappeared, leaving a tiny plant trying to grow back. It has been suggested that it might be skylark grazing - the areas seem too defined for frost damage, and no evidence of shrivelled leaves. Has anyone any...
  16. J

    Low fpd

    I'm hoping someone can offer me some help, my fpd has been sailing close to the cut off for a while now but the last few collections it's been very low about 504 usually. This has only happened since3the cows have been grazing more grass (been turned into the silage fields) said fields are a...
  17. Tim May

    Beet drill problem.

    I've been using a chain driven kv beet drill and for some reason the main drive chain keeps coming off. I believe it's because something is making the seeder units run tight. If I take all the plastic covers off by the meeting wheels the drive wheel runs smoothly. But it gets tight as I go into...
  18. KUHN Farm Machinery (UK)


    PRECISION DRILLING GIVING MAIZE THE BEST POSSIBLE START From the end of April through into May, the region’s maize drills will be at their busiest as farmers and contractors seek to make use of the best conditions to establish a key crop. We speak to three Shropshire contractors who have...
  19. Chasingmytail

    spreading lime - pluming over houses

    Today weve had contractors here spreading lime. The one field is over by the town. The lime is pluming and it is a tad windy so moving towards the homes. One place is kicking off stating its gone all over their property and its dangerous and corrosive. Phoning environmental health to...