1. M

    Situation Vacant Full time member of staff required on mixed farm, Rugby Warwickshire

    Full time member of staff required-Varied role on a mixed farm... We are a family run farm based near Rugby, Warwickshire. We run a large pig finishing enterprise, suckler herd (including pedigree suckler herd), store lambs and ewe lambs, arable including potatoes, maize and fodder beet and a...
  2. H

    Opinions on this farm scenario?

    So I've been thinking of returning home to farm with my 70 yr old father who's struggling to find good full time labour and is naturally slowing down. I'm working off farm full time but really have an urge to leave the office job and come home (option of career break). If I'm going to do this...
  3. 7

    Drought 2022.

    Looks like 2 weeks without much rain.......:cool: We'll pay for this later in the year, probably during haymaking / harvest... :rolleyes:
  4. J

    What to plant?

    Grazing turnips off some new ground at the minute, planted into burnt off permanent pasture, turnips came quite well with some grass coming through from seed bank which is keeping them dry! Lambs are cleaning it up well an leaving it like a billiard table, it’s potentially going to be turnips or...
  5. Ted M

    Feeding winter beans as protein.

    Evening all. Currently have a shed full of 10-11 month old bulls fattening on a mix of barley and protein pellets, and fodder beet. We are coming to the end of the pellets in the bin and a mate has some winter beans available. Our roller mill has 3 rollers so should cope with beans okay. Just...
  6. S

    Lots of calves dieing

    This year has been awful... we lost a few new born calves and we realised what was wrong with them and fixed that (mainly a combination of mild summer, plenty of grass, fat cattle even when they had calves suckling then this winter has not been harsh weatherwise so cows are not struggling to...
  7. Mark Hatton

    Agri Shows - are we seeing the end??

    I've attended two excellent dealer events over the last couple of days, both incredibly well supported by manufactures, with strong customer attendance and very positive feedback at both events. My question is would you prefer local dealer events, be it open days or working demos, supported by...
  8. redsloe

    Direct drilling Winter Wheat now

    Most people are drilled up I expect but has anyone got any to do or done it in the past? I've got a field I want to plant and the window is open until mid February but we're in a good dry spell now. It's not quite dry enough yet I think, but do I risk it soon? I didn't plant it in the autumn...
  9. Dman2

    Which tool for min till

    Ok so possibly looking at going down min till route for some of our land Have @ 150hp to play with What are my options Not looking new
  10. CHAPs News

    New UK-India project to tackle fall armyworm

    New UK-India project to tackle fall armyworm Smallholders in India will be able to trial a new monitoring tool to assist in the fight against prolific crop pest fall armyworm, thanks to a recently launched international agri-tech project. Although native to the Americas, fall armyworm...
  11. Will 1594

    Cover crop graze or plough in

    Its oat mustard oil raddish ,and some stubble turnips ,which is better flail off plough in , or eat it off and have a bit of money , will go take a pic of it later ,its a good thick crop ,coming beet , stubble turnip grazing man does not want it as not near other fields and ,costnof moving...
  12. T

    Pink-eye coming back

    I have five ewes that went away with another flock for tupping. When they came back I noticed straight off three out of five had pink eye. I had this last year (not with these sheep) and the vet said if hard to catch or short on time can give a jab of Alamycin instead of faffing around with eye...
  13. Man_in_black

    Ewes blowing guts out

    How do Due to start next week. Tex X lleyn in lamb to tex. Brought them in ny eve. Week later one had prolapse but another one had (my gaffers words, I wasn't there) just shot everything out its fanny. He insists it not a prolapse and everything had come out in bloody mess, obviously dead. Two...
  14. W

    Is Red Tractor actually legal?

    As a cereal farmer we all have to produce crops within the rules set out by government such as crop sprayer MOT, NROSO, Safe storage of grain, fuel storage, fertiliser storage etc etc. We’ve had EA, Natural England, Defra and Trading Stadards inspections over the last 5 years. We then have to...
  15. R

    allis chalmer b

    I didnt know if anyone was able to help me please? I recently purchased a allis chalmer b, with the log book. But i have checked the serial number number and it doesnt match with the tractor, i didnt know if i put the serial number i have found on the tractor on here if anyone could tell me the...
  16. Bogweevil

    Beet neonics back Defra has today approved an emergency temporary authorisation for the use of a neonicotinoid pesticide treatment on the 2022 sugar beet crop in England only due to...
  17. J

    Milking parlour and loose housing

    Due to various backgrounds issues that most on here don't know about (and I'm not going to post what the issues are on a public forum but they don't seem to be getting resolved), I'm not sure how long I can put up with staying where I am - and no it's not because the cows have escaped again...
  18. J

    Spring OSR

    How do people get on growing Spring OSR? Has anyone had any recent experience with it? Following end of August combined S.Barley and felt it was too late to drill WOSR, kicking myself because as it turned out we probably would have been fine with the open Autumn we have just had. Heavyish land...
  19. NeepClatter

    Claydon after tatties. Advice

    Amateur farmer here, making plans for this year, will be putting the new Claydon (3MF mounted/no front discs) in after fields rented out for tatties and peas, will be drilling WW .Will it go straight in or should I be looking at mounting something on the front linkage that can do a bit...
  20. bankrupt

    N 1

    Kicking off today on Hybrid WB. As to profitability, recently seen lot of advisory nonsense about reduced applications due to the price of cereals having risen slower than the price of N. Here, straw yields linearly correlate with N (up to the point of lodging) so straw sales still finance N...