1. bobk

    So what if the fert price doesn't stabilise by August

    Houston , we have a problem ..........
  2. grainboy

    Next buildings available

    Next jobs coming up, will be available for sale
  3. W

    Manitou 626T Hydraulic fittings

    Hi, I need to identify the thread on the extending boom hydraulic connections. Being French am I right assuming they would be metric or would they use BSP. The hose is 5/8 R2AT
  4. Y

    Gaining access to a neighbours field for hedge management?

    Hi folks, after some help please. I have a dyke in my field, hedge beyond it. The field beyond that is rented to horse owners, which change pretty frequently and the LO does nothing to maintain his land or his dykes, and doesnt ask his rentees to either. I have asked for access to trim the...
  5. Bob lincs

    Case drain

    Were in the process of fitting a Quadsaw to our JCB Teleporter , we need a flow , a return and a case drain . question is can the case drain be a small pipe that runs back to tank or is it more complicated that that ? . Our hyd drive fans on the front hoppers have a case drain on a tee piece in...
  6. W

    Tonga Volcano

    I wonder how the animals are doing on Tonga if they are outside along with a covering of ash ?, I believe they get some/ all their water from collecting it from roofing, can't see that working if there's ash on everything, they're not mentioning it on the news.
  7. Massey mad

    Kramer kt407 or Bobcat 38.70.

    Got it narrowed down to the 2 above both good machines, about the same price wise. What's peoples thoughts on both of these machines?
  8. MX7

    How many ha’s/acres per year are being taken out of production across the UK due to development etc etc?

    I ask the above as many new schemes for farmers feature taking land out of agricultural production. So it has made me think how much good agricultural land is being taken away from farming “ for ever”, by house builders, industrial sites/ business parks, roads ,HS2 etc etc, per annum.I fear it...
  9. GAM

    FAUCHEUX F200P Loader

    Happy New Year Does anyone on here have a FAUCHEUX F200P Loader, the black boom, with white hydraulic rams fitted with a Euro8 headstock or adaptor? We bought one and the loader headstock looks like a Euro8, but it isn't, the locking pins are much larger, and the height between the the top bar...
  10. ColinV6

    Dribble bars. Is 7.5 wide enough?

    Currently looking at Storth, major and Slurrykat bars. Was wanting 9m but there’s a big price jump to the 9m slurrykat and major only do a 7.5 anyways. All salesman have said 7.5m is popular. However I can’t help but think I’m going to be narrower than splash plate. Unless it’s the wrong way to...
  11. S

    Can I pump leftover chemical/fertiliser out my sprayer tank?

    Gem Emerald
  12. TFF

    Drones in Insect Pest Management

    One of the major components in precision agriculture is crop health monitoring, which includes irrigation, fertilization, pesticide sprays, and timely harvest of the crop. Further, the progressive change in growth and development is critical in crop monitoring and taking suitable decisions to...
  13. G

    Manitou Wood Chip Bucket Size- MT 732 and MT 845

    Good morning Hoping someone can give me advice.... We have a Manitou MT 732 and 845 and looking to use them to load a walking floor with wood chips (4.3m high, 107m3). Standard bucket is far to small! And suggestions on sizes? Dry chips around 270kg/m3 and the wetter probably up to around...
  14. moog

    Quicke Loader E system

    Hi all, I have an old knackered 2230 quicke loader fitted to my case 1394 by the standard quicke side brackets. Would a quicke 2300 E system fit on the same tractor brackets? Not sure what the E system refers to? thanks
  15. Agriland RSS

    Animal welfare needs joined-up response amid rehoming crisis – Sugden

    Written by William Kellett from Agriland East Derry MLA Claire Sugden has said a joined-up animal welfare policy between the Executive and local councils must be established to prosecute increasing instances of animal cruelty. Animal rescue charities have seen huge numbers of domestic pets...
  16. Farm Classifieds

    TC000606 - 2017 Challenger RG655B Self Propelled Sprayer

    TC000606 - 2017 Challenger RG655B Self Propelled Sprayer Advert added by: Chandlers (Farm Equipment) Ltd Machinery Details Category: Sprayers Self-propelled sprayers Price: £132000 Condition: Good Description CHALLENGER ROGATOR 655D 6000LTR 36M SELF PROPELLED...
  17. Hooby Farmer

    Jcb 526 boom pipes

    Bought a jcb 526 this time last year and it's forever going through the rubber hoses in the boom tray. Does anyone know the correct layout or lengths they should be. Burst one again yesterday, and this time it's bent one of the metal pipes.
  18. G

    Manitou pressure switch

    MANITOU MT1740 ULTRA the right stabilizer piston pressure switch have been broken and and I can't extension the boom and I can't find this 3 wires switch
  19. S

    Why is there a big shortage of welders?

    There is a shortage of welders in the country, even at jcb Is it because certificates are needed? Or the wages are crap?
  20. B

    Telehandler pick up hitches

    We replaced a jd 6150 and loader with a Kramer Kt407. Really pleased with the choice apart from one point. Backed a 14t trailer under the drier, filled it from the drier and then found I couldn’t drop the trailer off as the hitch wouldn’t lift to unlatch the hook. Looking at the machine it...