1. moog

    Quicke 4300 loader

    Hi there, I have an old quicke 2230 loader on my caseih 1394 2wd. Thinking of changing it and have seen a quicke 4300 for sale. Would this loader be too big for my caseih? Cheers.
  2. P

    Case IH planetary gear bearings

    Hi was giving front axle refurb on 844xl and noticed a bit of movement in the bearings of these. Got the bearing and gears off but there's stupid clip that doesn't have any means to remove bar breaking all my small screwdrivers. I also saw some pics of replacement roller bearings on these that...
  3. C

    Case international 856xl 4wd to 2wd conversion

    Hi, I’ve acquired a rough 856xl plus, 1994 model. It’s a project for summer as I’ve always fancied one, the front axle is totally knackered, 4wd shaft into the axle sheared off, axle worn, centre pivot done in, I’m thinking of doing a 2wd conversion on it, I’d prefer it as a 2wd anyway so it’s...

    Rest-o-ride seat

    Any of you folks know what cushions were used I'm struggling to find any reference pictures The standard bucket seat cushions will fit but I'm not convinced they are correct.... Thank you
  5. nxy

    Shortening the travel of a hydraulic ram

    The header reverser on our Case combine is put into gear by a small hydraulic ram. Last season the ram split at one of the welds. We tried welding it and it worked but leaked a couple of litres of oil a day. Now looking into a proper repair. The price of this tiny ram from Case is mad, about...
  6. jhorr30

    Cnh trimble auto steer

    Have a case ih puma 230cvx steer ready from the factory which was fitted with second hand nh rtk auto steer equipment almost 2 years ago. Has never worked right since it was installed. It just won't drive straight. It can be up to 30cm off line at times but is mostly 3.5-15cm off line. It is...
  7. K

    David Brown 1190 gears

    Hi I have a David brown 1190 but changing gears can be a struggle and more often than not I'm stopped before I can change gear. I think it's a synchromesh gearbox and changing up the gear can often end up in gears grinding. Does anyone have an idea?
  8. C

    Mxm 175 pro

    What’s peoples thoughts on a Mxm 175 pro 50k ? My son says there are a few knocking around for sale at reasonable price but I don’t know much about them as I’m a Deere man. Would be interested in peoples thoughts and experiences please. Cheers
  9. Logbrog

    Help please to choose 2wd tractor to move caravans

    Need a tractor to tow caravans from storage to their pitch. up half mile steep private drive. 50 hp minimum. 2wd or manoeuvrable 4wd Needs good reliable handbrake, Flat floor, easy to get in and out. Any modern classic suggestions . thanks
  10. H

    YFC cash crisis

    We had a copy of 'The 'Farmer' through the post today Headlines read YFC is facing a£1m cash crisis. When I look at the YFC clubs around HFDS I struggle to see a cash crisis . All the members seem to be dressed up in the latest 'country wear ' which wouldn't have been purchased in Primark (other...
  11. A

    Question for mechanics

    If you are fitting a manifold and a new turbo do you use new bolts or reuse the old ones, a good mechanic I know will only use the proper new bolts , says the old ones can be pulled and might not stay tight.
  12. Barleymow

    Interesting incident

  13. shakerator

    % winter cropping complete poll

    Simple poll , as I don’t believe certain surveys !
  14. copse

    New Holland 270

    Have run jd for years but with the price they are now thinking of a change. Anyone run a t7 270 ? What hp are they without boost and when is boost available? And how much do they weigh? Thanks
  15. S

    New Zetor+loader for £31750 + vat

    Zetor Major 80cl + loader for £31750 + vat supplied by Mervyn Thomas Hereford as advertised in latest Shropshire Farmer .. seems a good deal Where's the guy who couldn't decide to buy a new tractor now or wait on here a few days ago
  16. Henarar

    Hedge trimming, a pain in the neck

    I have a Bomford B49 trimmer with 5 foot head and joystick armrest controls, Its a linkage mounted machine with no A frame nart wrong with the trimmer its me, the job gives me bad neck ache its been getting worse for a few years but this year its making my shoulder and across my back hurt as...
  17. David.

    Bombproof old bus to pull 6 furrows.

    Just a discussion that arose from the tedium of lugging 4 furrows along at 4.5mph with 100hp in a biggish field. Hypothetically 20k ish budget, comfortable cab, realistically 150hp plus, any non exotic mainstream badge, not as old as TW 25 era. Just idly batting thoughts around, over lunch. No...
  18. T

    Case 895 alternator issue.

    Hello all My 895 had stopped charging and removed the alternator only to find the adjusting arm for the alternator has been butchered. I would imagine this is pulling the alternator to the side once tightened and destroying bearings and brushes pretty quickly. Anyone know what actually holds...
  19. Manny

    New Holland parts website

    Can anyone get on to the parts store or even find it. I'm looking for part number to speed up ordering with the local dealer and the site has gone.
  20. D

    Best replacement for JXU tractor

    Really love my JXU's but at 8,000 hours not as reliable as they once were. So what is the best replacement. I've a FarmallC but not quite as nice. but not a bad tractor. I've some odd requirments Telescopic lower links we have some older machines that don't like hooks. Remote valves that are...