1. Agrovista News

    Agrovista ramps up soil studies at flagship trials site

    Agrovista ramps up soil studies at flagship trials site Agrovista has extended its Project Lamport flagship trials in Northamptonshire with an increasing focus on soil health to help growers overcome blackgrass and grow more profitable cereal crops Project Lamport was set up in 2013 to...
  2. Mzuri Ltd

    Dry Spring highlights clever drill design

    Dry Spring highlights clever drill design The Mzuri system is widely recognised as Europe’s principal one pass strip tillage system, unrivaled in cultivation, reconsolidation and seed placement accuracy. Ben Knight demonstrates why. As Mzuri's farm manager and knowledge exchange officer, I...
  3. Agriland RSS

    Lemken invests £15m in mechanical weed control

    Written by Justin Roberts from Agriland The progress of digitalisation continues apace and is rapidly leaking beyond the boundaries of tractors and the control of operations to mechanical implements doing their own thing while the tractor merely pulls it along. Over the last couple of years...
  4. tr250

    Does water running on top worry you?

    Does water running along the surface worry you? Pic below is in a place of the field that I would of said was dry under cultivation and I’ve no worries about being able to drill it in a few weeks time but just hate seeing it! That part of the field hasn’t got a modern drainage scheme installed...
  5. Adeptandy


    Anyone watching ?
  6. Agriland RSS

    Carbon plough to be introduced by Lemken

    Written by Justin Roberts from Agriland Those people who are eagerly declaring the plough dead and gone have obviously not considered the ingenuity of research institutions such as ZALF (Leibniz Centre for Agricultural Landscape Research). The research centre, based in north east Germany, has...
  7. A

    What would you want from a day workshop on water issues

    Hi all So - working with an organisation that has funding to do workshops for farmers/landowners in South East - looking at water quality/ soil management/ nature based solutions - nothing new in the topics now - but we want these workshops to be useful so - if you wanted a workshop that...
  8. H

    Merlo Multifarmer

    Done a forum search and there’s very little discussion on these machines. On paper they look handy to me as were looking for another loader but seeing a few multi farmers on the market used at what looks like decent money I’m wondering if it’s an option. It would be around 10 years old with...
  9. B

    Spring barley into stubble turnips

    We tried DD for the first time last some to put some turnip/forage rape mix into winter barley stubble, tried two different drills and both seemed to have worked well. Have been wondering about planting some of the following spring barley into the turnip land with a simtech drill, is there...
  10. moretimeforgolf

    Low disturbance subsoiler?

    Is there any need for a low disturbance subsoiler in a no-till situation? I have a 'high' disturbance machine which I rarely use because it then requires further cultivation to level off afterwards. The reason for the question is that I've applied for a grant under the latest scheme - £2804...
  11. daveydiesel1

    Trailer weights

    Was told today that its comin in that maximum weight that can be towed behind a tractor is gonna be 18t? Can any1 verify this or is this old news? Thatl put all the big slurry yokes off the road. Presumably anything much over 2000 gallon would be overweight or mabe 2000 gallon will be overweight?
  12. C

    With P & K fert prices is it worth baling straw

    Question the agronomist brought up yesterday With a 0:24:24 ish type blend at c£475 Is it worth baling or should we chop chop chop
  13. Timbo

    Too soon for chain harrowing?

    Given the dry mild weather.. anyone cracked on yet ??
  14. M

    New Cambridge Rolls

    Looking for a new set of Cambridge Rolls. 12metres wide. Fairly heavy with breaker rings. Currently looking at and getting quotes for Dal-bo, Cousins and He-va. Any others worth looking at? Any issues with the brands I’ve mentioned? Not a huge amount of road work to do.
  15. its.... only me

    Flotation grain trailer tyres.

    Thinking of put our old Marston 14t. grain trailer on flotation tyres. Want radials & seem to recall someone saying that a certain type didn't ride as well as some - would it be a cross-ply & is a 550 wide tyre a cross-ply only ?
  16. Defra Farming

    Farm visit: Hampden Bottom Farm, Buckinghamshire

    Farm visit: Hampden Bottom Farm, Buckinghamshire Written by Rob Arden Farm Facts Farm: Hampden Bottom Farm, Buckinghamshire Size and type of farm: 486 hectare tenanted arable farm Farmed by: Ian and Fiona Waller Main enterprises: Milling wheat, oilseed rape, spring beans with a small...
  17. Sprayer 1

    Is concrete tax deductible?

    The way I read it, you can't put ready mix concrete against tax, but if you buy cement, sand and grave and mix it yourself , you can. Is this correct?
  18. Dman2

    Which tool for min till

    Ok so possibly looking at going down min till route for some of our land Have @ 150hp to play with What are my options Not looking new
  19. roseshep

    Cover crops for sheep on an arable farm

    We're putting in more cover crops this year to carry all sheep on over winter 700 2th/4th and 600/700 REL. This winter we have been grazing stubble turnips with one mob of REL and then cover crop for the other mob of REL. Cover crops made up of: Vetch, tillage radish, rye, volunteer cereals and...
  20. NeepClatter

    Claydon after tatties. Advice

    Amateur farmer here, making plans for this year, will be putting the new Claydon (3MF mounted/no front discs) in after fields rented out for tatties and peas, will be drilling WW .Will it go straight in or should I be looking at mounting something on the front linkage that can do a bit...