1. Lena Wolf

    BIOFIL new bacterial soil inoculant powerful and effective - improves your soil, crop health and yield!

    Just letting everyone know that there is a new product called BIOFIL, which is now available from FarmMarketplace. It has Pseudomonas, Bacillus and Azotobacter bacteria species which when applied within a soil system can promote plant growth and disease resistance. BIOFIL has additional 4...
  2. CRM AgriCommodities

    Grains higher following bullish USDA report

    Subscribe to future independent updates here Grain prices recovered today as the USDA revised lower its expectation for production of major exporters of wheat and corn. The forecast for Russia's - the world largest exporter - 2018/19 wheat production was lowered sharply to 68.5MT from 72MT...
  3. J

    Summer livestock feeding

    Hello, I've come across a rare type of summer livestock feeding. I found a video on youtube, of a dairy farmer, and he mows the grass, and directly loads it with a forage wagon. Not so rare so far. But then he uses a corn chopping machine, and also loads corn directly into the forage wagon...
  4. CRM AgriCommodities

    Fund positions ahead of USDA report

    Cereals Wheat prices were led lower by CBOT as it closed in on the key $4/bu level as longs liquidated their positions ahead of tomorrow’s December USDA report. EU and UK wheat prices fell victim to long liquidation as traders focused in on the report. However, the losses were limited with...
  5. CRM AgriCommodities

    Fund buying supports prices

    Cereals EU grains found support following MARS’ EU crop estimates which were released this morning and on fund short covering. MARS lowered their estimate for EU maize yields from 6.99T/ha to 6.91T/ha, whilst raising their estimate for soft wheat to 5.94T/ha from 5.86T/ha. Current wet condition...
  6. CRM AgriCommodities

    USDA bullish oilseeds, bearish wheat

    USDA overview Cereals EU grain markets were rather quiet today as expected ahead of the monthly WASDE report. Trading volumes were also thin due to the Brussels Grain exchange. Both UK LIFFE feed wheat & Euronext milling wheat closed near equilibrium level although the latter dropped to a...
  7. CRM AgriCommodities

    USDA stocks report delivers few surprises - News/prices

    Subscribe to this report direct to your mailbox Cereals It was all about the USDA today as report failed to deliver any great surprises. US stocks of Corn and Soybeans were slightly below expectation and wheat slightly above (see chart of the day) Spring wheat production was the only real...
  8. CRM AgriCommodities

    Grains softer on cooler US and increased prospects of rain

    Subscribe to this report direct to your mailbox Cereals A cooler outlook in the US combined with month end position squaring both contributed to the factors which had grains on the back foot today. Harvest in the UK is back on after a wet weekend with forecasts indicating that good progress...
  9. CRM AgriCommodities

    USDA surprise market with their estimates - 12.07.17

    Subscribe to more like this report direct to your mailbox OR SHARE ON TWITTER Cereals The USDA surprised the market today releasing estimates well above those of most market participants. World wheat production was trimmed slightly to 737.8MT (-1.7), which is the same as the first estimate...
  10. PeterM

    How does Rain effect corn?

    How does Rain effect corn?
  11. M

    I reeeally need some advice!!!

  12. CRM AgriCommodities

    EU markets supported by US snow storm

    EU markets supported by US snow storm Subscribe to this report direct to your mailbox Cereals Markets bought the rumours that large areas of US wheat had been damaged by a snow storm as confirmation of damage significance remains to be seen. May-17 wheat returned to the technical resistance...
  13. CRM AgriCommodities

    LIFFE wheat approaches highs of 4 month trading range

    Subscribe to this report direct to your mailbox Cereals Wheat prices in the UK and Europe continued to rise today on concerns of ongoing dry conditions across Western Europe, as well as further sterling weakness against its Euro counterpart. Corn prices in the US found support today as storms...
  14. CRM AgriCommodities

    New crop Nov-17 UK wheat drifts to a 2-week low on Sterling's rally and US rain

    Sent to subscribers on 21.03.17 - Subscribe FREE here Cereals The rally in the Sterling weighed on UK prices today and pushed new crop Nov-17 LIFFE Feed wheat to a 2-week low of £139.50/T. Euronext wheat caught up with yesterday's late selloff observed in the US. The May-17 contract dropped to...
  15. CRM AgriCommodities

    Domestic rapeseed prices come under pressure

    Cereals Argentina will likely harvest a 'record' 18.3MT of wheat for 2016/17 harvest with 11-11.5MT likely to be exported - Argentine Ag Minister. He also said that Argentina will have to look for new markets in which to export such volume - See Chart of the Day. EU wheat exports reach 15.8MT...
  16. CRM AgriCommodities

    EU markets supported as Euro drifts lower

    ***Subscribe FREE today*** Cereals: French exports outside of the EU begin to pickup with 361KT of soft wheat exported in December vs 233KT in November-16. French agency FranceAgriMer raised their estimates for soft wheat ending stocks as an increase in non-EU exports was offset by lower...
  17. CRM AgriCommodities

    Funds and weather drive markets lower

    Cereals: Improved South American weather and fund selling added pressure to the cereals market today. Algeria who have been key buyers of European wheat this campaign have launched a tender to purchase 50KT of milling wheat and 25KT of barley for Mar/Apr delivery. Wheat feels the effects of...
  18. CRM AgriCommodities

    UK wheat starts the week on the back foot

    more info: Cereals: After settling at a contract high last Wednesday, the May-17 LIFFE Feed wheat contract fell due to a strengthening Sterling. May-17 Euronext milling wheat spent the day in the red and after touching its short-term technical support of 170.50€/T Mar-17 CBOT...
  19. CRM AgriCommodities

    USDA peg corn yield lower as expected....

    USDA WASDE in a nutshell US Soybean yield was estimated at 50.6bu/ac v 48.9 LM and hence prod. up to 114.33MlnT v 110.5 LM. US 2015/16 ending stocks fell to 5.32MlnT from 6.95 LM. The 2016/17 World production saw a 2MlnT decrease to Brazilian prod. US Corn yield was estimated at 174.4bu/ac v...
  20. CRM AgriCommodities

    Evening Market Update - UK quality and yields better then expected

    Evening Market Update - UK quality and yields better then expected - Subscribe Free HERE Cereals UK wheat edged lower as harvest progresses with more reports of better than expected yields and quality. The Sterling strength also weighed on price. EU granted 358kT of soft wheat & 13kT barley...

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