cover crop

  1. S

    Quantifying cover crops

    Having had a bit of a review and made a few changes (as we seem to do, almost continually tweaking) I wondered how everyone else has approached the slightly thorny issue of quantifying cover crop establishment. A bit of history: 2011 - 25ac of mustard, sown by 4m Amazone combi after a...
  2. JoeHodgey

    Store lamb calculation help

    Hi, I've been doing some figures on growing and finishing weaned lambs. For context i'm an arable farmer thinking about how I can bring livestock back to the farm so please forgive any blundering errors:ROFLMAO: . The figures i have done cant be right, can anyone tell me where i've gone wrong...
  3. M

    First crop into derelict land

    Hoping to rent some land of a neighbour, currently in poor grass that was last cut in 2019 (bales still in the field). Wet medium to clay land, trio, plough or contract Mzuri available. Ideally get it into first wheat in the autumn, we grow maize, cereals and beans on the farm, lots of muck...
  4. S

    Organic no till

    Folks, happy to be redirected if you have had this conversation but looking for any and all advice. The battle between looking after the soil structure and dealing with weeds without the hallowed Glysophate. I emailed the editor of PFI and DD who acknowledged the clash and recommended a shallow...
  5. farmer dave136

    Spring sowing Red clover grass ley

    Thinking I’m a bit short of silage grass I use red clover grass mixes I usually sow them in the autumn but thought I could switch a field out of beans into grass to give me a bit more forage how many bales would I expect an acre of a spring sown crop probably be April before I get it in
  6. R

    Breaking cultivation layer

    I have experienced a cultivation layer when from moving from a Mzuri to a Dale this year. When digging down I have found what looks like a pan which the water has not been able to get through, therefore the top few inches have been sitting wet. Has anybody else experienced this and what have...