1. M

    What % have you sown

    Now the easier ground is being drilled, I thought it would be interesting to find out what has astually been planted by end of today and then perhaps do the same again in a weeks time So my scores on the doors are ,,,,,,,, rape a total failure,,,,,,,, grass seed drilled and coming...
  2. T

    Anti social bird scarer use.

    Anyone know why bangers on rape are going in the dark, are owls a "pest" now? These are the type sold by Michael Williams with no light sensors so have been deliberately set to fire in the dark. They are starting at around 6.15 and still going 2 hours after sunset. The nearest one is aimed at...
  3. D

    BASIS Project Ideas

    Hi All I have just been enrolled on the the BASIS Crop Protection course at Harper Adams next January (2020). i was looking at getting a head start plus some over winter studying on my project. Has anyone got any ideas/things to do and not to do? Your help will be much appreciated.
  4. MX7

    Is this the wettest Autumn you have had to cope with?

    As above,thank goodness I am not farming anymore.
  5. I

    Grazed break crop

    Trying to work out a grazing mix that works for finishing livestock and is attractive to arable farmers as a break crop. Interested to know thoughts on -length of time (1/2/3 years?) -priorities for arable farmer (fertility/weed control/cash) -dates (establishment/termination). My guess if from...
  6. Flat 10

    Can you mix metazachlor and glyphosate?

    Peculiar contract job. Some weeds but no crop emerged. TIA
  7. kevindb880

    Drilling anyone?

    Just north of Hertford, We managed to get 20 acres in last week but nothing since and now it’s really wet! Anyone else got anything in the ground?
  8. Direct Driller Magazine

    AHDB: Where will the Beetle go next

    Written by Charlotte Rowley, AHDB Crop Protection Scientist runs the rule over CSFB in 2019 If you are a regular Twitter user, you might be wondering how there is any oilseed rape left in some parts of the country following the onslaught of cabbage stem flea beetle this year. Pictures have been...
  9. Just because

    Grazing store lambs on volunteer oil seed rape

    Been offered some volunteer OSR to graze store lambs on do they grow ok or stay clear?? Thanks
  10. Selectamatic

    Is it too late to sow stubble turnips?

    Hello, Usually by this time they have been in the ground for about a month, but time has got away from me this year! I usually sow some stubble turnips, rape, kale. Lambs graze them over winter. If it is too late, could I sow anything else there instead...?
  11. M

    Getting concerned

    So who's getting concerned, with 70 mm in the rain gauge since Sunday and a lot more to come over the week I certainly am. If your on free draining soil then probably not but I reside on sticky red marl which can take an age to dry out. Most of the ground is moved and was in good condition...
  12. Clive

    Bellkar timing

    When did users find best last year ? I think we went a bit late where we used it last year but with kerb and spring herbicide we did end up with a very clean crop really but maybe didn’t more than we could have got away with ? Nothing other than slug pellets applied to our osr yet so bell at...
  13. Daniel king

    Autocast rape

    Has anybody had success with getting the OSR ahead of the flea beetle with the autocast method just an idea !!!
  14. Direct Driller Magazine

    Farmer Focus: Tom Sewell

    Learning from our mistakes! (March 2019) One of the strangely satisfying things about farming is the opportunity we get each year to wipe the slate clean and plant a new crop into a field. Whether the previous crop had ranged from outstandingly good to outrageously bad we all get the...
  15. T

    So I want an older Fastrac - Am I mad?

    So I've been toying with he idea of selling some non agriculture related bits and bobs in order to fund a Fastrac, something early 2000's around 120-150hp with or without 4ws its not do on any particular job but just to have handy around the farm some towing and light pto work. The horror...
  16. S

    Is anyone genuinely no tilling OSR consistently successfully?

    I know plenty of clayon and strip tillers are doing it fine. Anyone regularly successfully doing no till disc drilling or v low disturbance tine drilling for OSR?
  17. CPM RSS

    Impressive yields, despite the flea beetle

    Written by Charlotte Cunningham OSR crops in Suffolk have yielded well, despite flea beetle pressures, according to crop protection firm, BASF. Charlotte Cunningham reports. InVigor varieties at the three BASF demonstration strip trials (DST) in East Anglia all yielded around 5t/ha, according...