1. Chasingmytail

    Using a Penetrometer for soil compaction

    Firstly I get the instrument but I dont understand the results. I cant find anything on this. I have searched and searched. Been around a field that needs serious work reseeding, lime etc. Been asked to push the penetrometer into the ground all around the field to gauge depth. To the red...
  2. farmerofthenorth

    Pea seed not arrived

    So on my farm this spring we are sowing a Feild of peas have done a Feild of peas every year for a our 4 or 5 years but this year we have not received any information on when the pea seed is coming I am at gransthouse Scotland and the pea group has said nothing to my boss does anyone know the...
  3. Greythundercloudys

    Virus, long term policy.

    On the news today reporters have got it in to there heads that this shut down will last 13 weeks, that's nearly 1st of July, l think this will happen, l wonder what getn silage wrap or clipping sheep will be like, a single shearer suits me anyway, probably last most of this year l think.
  4. Sonoftheheir

    Rolling drilled sugar beet

    Just pondering whether to roll the drilled sugar beet land? It’s fairly cloddy in places and very light in others. How does it help? I wondered if it smash the clods more and help With soil pressure onto the seed? Only down side I can think of is the roll tractor wheelings?
  5. G

    Is the Government going to abandon conservation schemes ?

    The word is that all conservation scheme land is to be ploughed this year in case of food shortages. Tree planting schemes also cancelled.
  6. Corteva Updates

    Spring cereals switch demands herbicide strategy rethink

    Spring cereals switch demands herbicide strategy rethink Farmers abandoning winter cereals and switching to spring wheat and barley will need to pay close attention to broadleaf weed control if they are to prevent significantly reduced yields. For many arable farms, fieldwork taking place...
  7. G

    New toy day

    New toy
  8. T Hectares

    Situation Vacant Harvest Position

    I'm looking for a Harvest help to join our small team in West Berkshire Somebody 18yr+ with a clean driving licence and preferably a Telehandler certificate, somebody enthusiastic and who has good attention to detail and is willing to work to a high standard. We run modern machinery and a modern...
  9. Farm & Country

    NFU Rally March 25

    Does anyone have insight as to how many people may attend this rally? I am keen to know how well supported it is.
  10. J.Taylor Photography.

    Looking For Work Self Employed - Looking for summer work - Fife,Scotland or anywhere in the uk for harvest

    25 - Self Employed farm labourer/ tractor driver based in Fife, Scotland Looking for work from may onwards. From Shropshire so willing to take summer work outside of Scotland. Range of experience 4 years in the USA on harvest, Head truck driver for 2 seasons leading convoys, planning routes...
  11. ollie989898

    Looking For Work Tractor/machine operator

    Thirty-something chap seeks tractor/machine operator position for 6-18 months. Somerset or surrounding areas preferred but would commute or live away for the right position. Experience of silage/grain cart, tankering, cultivations and livestock work, etc. Would suit large arable/contractor or AD...
  12. CPM RSS

    Soils – Less is more for cultivations

    Written by cpm Download PDF Preparing land for potato planting will be tricky in many areas given the wet winter. CPM gets some timely advice and considers how soil resilience can be improved. Deep cultivations to 30cm or more are de-structuring soils. By Paul Spackman With the spring planting...
  13. martian

    Groundswell 2020

    Tickets for this years show are now on sale and selling fast...I don't think we'll sell out quite as fast as the ORFC, but you don't want to be caught out! We have rejigged the lay-out: we will be holding all the talks in seven different tents on a new field, immediately adjacent to the new site...