1. Birchfarmer

    Frost damage on spring barley (poorly crop)🥲

    Not had this happen before🤷‍♂️ my question is ... will it come back or do I have to redrill?
  2. jerseycowsman

    Is it going to rain again or is this 1976 mark 2??

    As the title says!
  3. David.

    Spring linseed advice please.

    May end up with some this year, what variety stands/combines easily, etc? Imagine yield percentage is secondary to other factors perhaps, has linseed moved on any in 10yrs since I last had a fairly unsatisfying attempt at it?
  4. yellow belly

    how much wheat still to plant

    i keep reading and hearing about farmers who have been unable to plant the early planting intention survey says 1.776 million has if there is some acres that would normally have been planted by now will the area of wheat in may be less than 1.776 million planted 100% of intended although one...
  5. S

    Drill dilemma....

    We have an armoury of drills, but....there is always a better way! Current lineup: 2001 Kockerling AT300, bought from a member on this very forum a few years ago. Its now mostly used for drilling beans 5" deep, which it is very good at. It leaves too rough a job ideally for cereals, and is very...
  6. AHDB Podcast RSS

    187: Best practice ahead of store loading

    187: Best practice ahead of store loading Written by AHDB In this episode we are discussing how potato growers should prepare their crops and stores for the first season without CIPC. Guest speakers: Tom Macfarlane - Farm Manager at Bannister Farms James Lee - Business Unit Manager at...
  7. CPM RSS

    Emergency authorisation for linseed desiccant secured

    Written by Charlotte Cunningham The AHDB has today announced its success in securing emergency authorisation of a desiccant to protect the quality and yield of linseed seed crops this harvest. Charlotte Cunningham reports. Spotlight Plus (carfentrazone-ethyl) received the authorisation...
  8. AHDB Podcast RSS

    180: Desiccation: solutions for the first season without Diquat

    180: Desiccation: solutions for the first season without Diquat Written by AHDB After losing the approval for Diquat in 2019 growers are looking for alternative solutions for desiccation. Gozai and Spotlight, straight or in combination, along with flailing have shown good results in the 2019...
  9. CPM RSS

    Tech Talk – Successful desiccation

    Written by cpm Download PDF Potato growers are understandably anxious about achieving quality haulm knock down with an ever- decreasing product portfolio. Diquat’s demise has certainly made its impact felt. But at FMC we have seen excellent and comparable results where a flail and spray...
  10. CPM RSS

    Theory to Field – To flail or spray?

    Written by cpm Download PDF It’s all change this autumn as far as desiccation strategies are concerned. CPM investigates the alternatives to diquat and finds out their possible effects on crop management decisions and costs. PPO products were 2-4 days slower in killing leaves than Reglone. By...
  11. Agriland RSS

    Strategic Potato Farm Scotland looks for solutions for the seed industry

    Written by Agriland Team AHDB’s new host SPot farmer in Scotland, seed potato producer, Jim Reid, from Milton of Mathers farm, St. Cyrus, north of Montrose, is aiming to find sustainable solutions for the seed potato industry. Eric Anderson from Scottish Agronomy and Colin Herron from McCain...
  12. D

    Glyphosate and Covid 19

    Not been following these threads, so apologies if this has already been discussed. Just sharing this for information/ discussion. I have no view. https://jennifermargulis.net/glyphosate-and-covid-19-connection/?fbclid=IwAR2Xyl8dKi8zAJ0fdLeDYKHafyTF6Ob6WxPQ_10xiJQs-hUqnFYzoSO3Zsw
  13. CPM RSS

    Potato weed control – Changing of the guard

    Written by cpm Download PDF The loss of diquat is causing an adjustment in strategy at the beginning of the season as well as at the end. CPM investigates the impact on potato herbicide strategies this season. It’s a complete change in strategy to the one growers are used to. By Lucy de la...
  14. teslacoils

    Heavy land crop rotations without OSR

    With osr looking like it's on its way out, what are folk looking at for heavy land cropping? Or are you just stripping costs to the bone and going wheat/fallow with a cheap green manure? I'm very sad all the non cereal break crop are just so incredibly bobbins or unreliable to the extreme. I'm...
  15. CPM RSS

    Plan now for burn-down

    Written by cpm This season burning-off will be a step into the unknown for many. CPM discovers how decisions made before a tuber is even planted will influence the success of desiccation at the tail end of the season. Nitrogen management will be especially important on indeterminate varieties...
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    117: Pre-planting decisions for desiccation

    117: Pre-planting decisions for desiccation Written by AHDB In this episode we are focusing on the decisions you will have to make before you plant, to make sure you will be able to desiccate without diquat and store without CIPC. Sequence of discussions and speakers: Desiccation talk...
  17. N


    anyone know any buyers of sunflowers for oil or birdfood? anyone grown any? is sclerotinia a problem if OSR in rotation?
  18. Clive

    How’s your OSR looking now

    Certainly a difficult year but walked out late (September) drilled block today that has had me concerned all autumn and was pleasantly surprised no inputs at all so far apart from the farm saved seed and 50kgs DAP at drilling Going to be a battle keeping pigeons off all winter but frankly I...
  19. Ninjago

    The future of arable cropping

    This autumn has highlighted a major weakness in the way the majority of arable crops are established in the uk, min-till particularly on heavy soils. The need to create a chit of the major grass weeds by a light cultivation and leaving for 4-6 weeks has left us exposed if the weather changes as...
  20. Banana Bar

    Killing peas

    I’m planning 120 ha of large blue peas next year. With the demise of Reglone am I mad to think glyphosate will kill them? The attraction of Reglone was its ability to burn the foliage to a crisp in a few days. I’ve sprayed off some cover crop recently that had a few peas in the mix, everything...