direct drilling

  1. A

    Combine and tractor replacement policy

    In the 2000's replacement policies were easy. You could buy high end machinery as reasonable prices and they would halve in value over 5 years. Financed over 5 years you could then px for the newer model and costs per acre would be similar. Today. Machines halve in 3/4 years and second hand...
  2. M

    How do you sustainably enirch your soil?

    Please redirect me if there is a better sub to post this in. Hi, I'm learning about sustainable farming practices and I could do some help in understanding the problems you've faced and how you get the soil into a healthy state. What approaches have you tried to get good drainage, especially...
  3. S

    Organic no till

    Folks, happy to be redirected if you have had this conversation but looking for any and all advice. The battle between looking after the soil structure and dealing with weeds without the hallowed Glysophate. I emailed the editor of PFI and DD who acknowledged the clash and recommended a shallow...
  4. A

    Single Market / Customs Union - A Tragic Loss

    As humans, we have an innate tendency to take what we have for granted. Very often, we don’t appreciate the true meaning or value of something, until it’s gone. Then sadly it can all too often be too late. Barely two weeks into the final Brexit trade deal, I dare say there are many, many...
  5. Dan Attle

    Wanting to go no till but sit sure on the way to start

    Hi all got 250 acre mixed farm with plenty of cattle which in turn means loads of fym currently growing grass for the horse market wheat , spring barley and maize ( may drop maize yet ) , thinking ahead the grass will help the soil structure and seems a shame to plough it up and it’s heavy clay...
  6. Jerry

    State of your crops?

    Given the late drilling date and the amount of rain that’s gone on them I’m pleasantly pleased with the state of my crops. I do have two small fields that are below par but most are looking well. How are others looking? Wheat and barley below, no rape this year but locally it looks well.
  7. Farm Classifieds

    Simba Freeflow 4m. Serial No 83459117

    Simba Freeflow 4m. Serial No 83459117 Advert added by: Nigel Clark Machinery Details Category: Tillage Drills Price: £3750 Condition: Used Description Simba Freeflow 4m Hydraulic Folding drill. Converted to Metcalf Low Disturbance Coulters at 250mm centres...
  8. W

    Direct tine drill build

    As a number of you have seen i thought i would post some pics of my direct tine drill build. Firstly some reasons behind it, 1. I wanted to have a go at direct drilling, having done some scratch till for the last 15yrs our soils are so much better than trying to plough then ph 2 or 3 time. So...
  9. M

    Home build dd tine drill??

    How about this as a cheap way of getting into direct drilling? I have this... and this... (bit rougher now as that photo's 20 years old). Whack the DL hopper on top of the pigtail cultivator, change the pigtail shears for (?)Baurgault points or whatever the experts recommend, sort out a...
  10. Bob lincs

    Weaving sabre tine user thread

    Any sabre tine users on here ? Do’s , Don’ts , Tips or advice. We haven’t used our yet just waiting for it to dry up a bit .
  11. JimmerD

    Horsch Avatar direct drilling charges

    Just recently purchased a Horsch Avatar 6.16 SD. It will be mainly used on our own farm but a number of local farmers have shown interest in using it to drill their OSR and companion crop it with buckwheat, drilling both at the same time. Also, we demo'd it to stitch grass seed into existing ley...
  12. B

    Vredo direct drill

    Anyone any experience of these drills for drilling brassicas into burnt down grassland and redrilling grass ? Don’t know of any in this part of the world so no experience at all
  13. DieselRob

    Wide spacing cereal crops... pictures please

    As above really, I know there are various people who post in the direct drilling photo gallery thread but I was hoping some could share pictures throughout the growing season, this 1 especially, of crops grown at 250mm spacing (or there abouts) It isn't really the year to be able to go cruising...
  14. W

    Blood sucking ahdb

    68 million drained out of farming every year by the ahdb ,farmers must have plenty of spare cash
  15. MX7

    Are their any other zero till drills (with a similar tine as used on the Amazone Condor drill) available in the uk?

    I ask, as the above tine is a superb tool for zero till seeding, in stony soil conditions as long as drill is driven slowly, tines pushes stones to one side allowing seed to be planted in to soil,rather than a disc coulter "RIDDING OVER THE STONE LEAVING SEED ON THE SURFACE!!!!". Have...
  16. steveR

    A Novice and his Aitchison Grassfarmer.

    I have been mulling and exploring the possible use of a basic DD tine drill such as found in the Aitchison and Sim-Tec range for while now, to use initially on game and stewardship drilling, with an increase next year onwards, as ground comes out of my old Stewardship and transitions into other...
  17. ajcc

    Natural England knows best?

    Telegraph. Bill Potter. Fell ponies. story to this thread please. Criminal waste of tax payer money?
  18. D

    OSR into a grass ley

    First it will be sprayed off. In the past I have then drilled with the Unidrill which worked well in light land but wasn't so successful on heavy land , imagine seed sitting in grooves in concrete with next to no tilth round them. Some germinated but struggled to establish a decent tap root...
  19. R

    Grass reseed cultivation options

    Hi Just about to reseed two fields. In recent years we've ploughed, out in a root crop and then put in grass the following spring. But we want to do two straight to grass this autumn. They are two very different fields and I'm just after some thoughts on options other than ploughing 1 The...
  20. M


    Hi, I have just found this video on Youtube: Does somebody know? It looks impressive and high quality:)