feeder wagon

  1. R

    Staffing levels

    Hello I'm just after some info on the staffing level any of you block calves run, if you would be willing to share. How many staff and cows? Do you rear heifers and do you do any other field work? etc. Do you aim for any kpi such as a ppl for all labour? Any info much appreciated.
  2. Clive

    Things that would improve farm safety ?

    This industry has a tragic safety record, what can we all do that may improve this ? lets use this thread for suggestions ? some maybe unpopular with others (I know mine will be !) but surely we can’t continue watching so many loose their life’s trying to produce a bit of food my top 3...
  3. L

    Ptm weigher

    Have a ptm 50 weigher on a feeder wagon and want to Bluetooth it to a ptm screen in the loading shovel, have all set up but cannot get it connected nor can I get any instructions on the web on how to do it ? Any help would be appreciated ??
  4. Jerry

    Wilfred Scruton Ltd - Yorkshire

    Anyone deal with this dealership, are they trustworthy? (Never heard of them but then again Im in Devon!) Looking at a ex demo machine from them and too far to go look and check item. Pictures look good but email responses not ideal. Thanks
  5. J

    Buying a dairy farm

    Good evening all, Im currently looking at buying a 100 acre dairy farm, big statement I know, I worked on farms in my youth years and have a reasonable understanding but are all ears. I’m currently working as a contractor in construction and are totally fed up and need to change, I totally...
  6. FarmerDanny1989

    Fattening bulls

    Is there a demand for young fattening bulls? Iv always cut mine a few days old but fancy trying to leave a few whole. I sell 50% of mine 10/11 months and the rest I finish at home. Usually get U/R grades. What grades would you get with bulls? Most are lim/blue/AA few shorthorn cows, all sired by...
  7. Z

    New tractors will anybody listen

    Ok thinking of buying a new tractor I need 50k and front suspension, then a radio air con gear stick and manual spools that are easy in reach next to the gear stick, had 3 tractors on demo need to be a computer wiz kid to operate spools and turn radio up and down more electrics and gizmos than...
  8. Timbo

    Ford 7740 PTO

    '94 white roof, 7740, 8000hrs, on feeder wagon. So, suddenly PTO runs all the time no matter where the knob is placed. - No yellow PTO light at in either position. - Switch off - pto runs immediately engine is started and engine labours alittle - brake is engaged. - Switch on - pto runs, brake...
  9. Fragonard

    4cyl vs 6cyl

    What's the thoughts on Case/NH 145 4cyl vs 150hp 6 cylinder. Case 145 vs Case 150 NH T6.175 vs NH T6.180 Mixed work load. Thanks.
  10. B

    David brown 1390

    Friend of a friend has a 2 wheel drive 1390 to sell, I might be interested as a straw chopper tractor and maybe on the rake in summer. It does supposed run but has been stood for about 10 years, he says the brakes stick on now and again and it’s missing some cab glass, what’s people views on...
  11. Bald Rick

    Jaguar Land Rover all electric vehicles from 2025

    On news just now ...... JLR to stop making combustion engine vehicles and go all electric from 2025. Thoughts?
  12. B

    Winter feeding kit

    Currently we feed approximately 200 head of cattle (80 suckler and followers) in winter, we use a loadall to feed out clamp silage, cattle are bedded with a straw chopper. The loadall does about 700 hours per year and uses about 4.5 litres of fuel per hour. Cows are feed twice a day, male...
  13. MarkT5

    Ceat vs bkt

    Evening folks, Wanting to order a set of tyres, tyre man says that the Ceat are better than the bkt what we had on last time. Basically anyone had any ceat tyres on and think there better than the bkt. We had a set of bkt on it last time and they have done 4000 hour of mainly road work so...
  14. S

    Tractor+full feeder wagon=80 tonnes

    Was a rep for local dealer exaggerating when he said a big farmer in the Welshpool area has big John Deere tractor and feeder wagon when full has combined weight of 80 tonnes??
  15. C

    John Deere 6200 drive shaft failed

    Hi there, I’m looking to buy a nice tidy John Deere 6200, with 4,000 genuine hours, I’ve been informed the drive shaft from the engine snapped completely while running a feeder wagon, it’s had a main dealer repair and seems all sound, will this of done any other internal strain or damage? My...
  16. F

    250,000 heifer

  17. Farm Classifieds

    CM000031 - Shelbourne Reynolds PowerMix Pro 12 Feeder Wagon

    CM000031 - Shelbourne Reynolds PowerMix Pro 12 Feeder Wagon Advert added by: Chandlers (Farm Equipment) Ltd Machinery Details Category: Feeding and Bedding Diet Feeders Price: £8950 Condition: Good Description Shelbourne Reynolds PowerMix Pro 12 Feeder Wagon 12...
  18. rusty

    Axle brake part

    The part in the picture links the 2 brake leavers to the hydraulic brake ram. It's off an ADR axle on a JF Stoll VM27 diet feeder. The online parts book shows a different looking part. Just wondering if this part is unique to JF or a common type of axle part. I have googled ADR axle parts and...
  19. wellingtonfarmer

    Feed wagon

    Looking for a tub feeder wagon. Around 16 cube must be good condition. Preferably twin axle as will be doing lots of road work 07709842829
  20. Farm Classifieds

    BM000144 - Shelbourne PowerMix PRO 13 Feeder Wagon

    BM000144 - Shelbourne PowerMix PRO 13 Feeder Wagon Advert added by: Chandlers (Farm Equipment) Ltd Machinery Details Category: Feeding and Bedding Diet Feeders Price: £6500 Condition: Good Description Shelbourne PowerMix Pro Express 13 Trailed Feeder Wagon 13...