1. H

    British Farming Union on TFF

    Who or what is behind this ? I just spotted the section where you can join up but no explanation as to who is organising it ......or am I behind the times ?
  2. Farm Business RSS

    Largest KUHN mower saves time and fuel

    Written by John Swire from Farm Business The new FC 13460 RA mower-conditioner has the widest working width of any KUHN machine, with a variable working width of 12.40 to 13.40 metres. In a single pass, the belt grouper forms a swath of between 1.8 and 3 metres, with the forage collected over...
  3. Flat 10

    Who thinks the AHDB is well run and provides value to their business?

    As above. Interested to see the answer to the above simple question. I think the current consultation is merely tinkering at the edges. I can only speak for cereal farmers but interested in responses from all farmers to get a sense of feeling as it seemed other sectors were disappointed with the...
  4. Andrew1983

    Docks worse than ever this year?!

    I sprayed a few fields last year but have them back worse than ever this year! Minstrel was the spray, cheap but it appears to be a waste of time and still knocks the grass. Really didn’t want to have to spray this spring mainly because I don’t want to stunt the grass growth when it’s costing so...
  5. Lallemand Animal Nut.

    Dairy producer benefits from taking more frequent, higher quality cuts of grass

    Carmarthenshire dairy producer explains how he has used pre-cut grass testing to help improve silage quality and milk production. Making the decision to take a first cut of silage in April has paid dividends for Kevin Jones, Carmarthenshire dairy producer at Talfan Farm, St Clears. Also...
  6. Farm Business RSS

    The high cost of not reseeding

    Written by John Swire from Farm Business The UK has over 17 million hectares of managed grassland, yet much of it is poorly utilised. Leys that are not in good condition and are overrun with weed grasses that have little or no nutritional value can have a major impact on milk and meat...
  7. Farm Business RSS

    Public working debut for new JCB TM420s at ScotGrass 2022

    Written by John Swire from Farm Business The flagship model in JCB’s new-generation telescopic wheeled loader range will make its long-awaited public working debut at ScotGrass on May 18 when the JCB TM420S is put to work on the event silage clamp at SRUC Crichton Royal on the outskirts of...
  8. MX7

    Looming food crisis,what can uk ag industry do?

    With the serious possibility of a world food shortage looming due to Ukraine agriculture being seriously disrupted, what can the uk agriculture industry do to help alleviate the situation in the uk? Getting very late in the season to rip up thousands of ha’s of ag land that is just growing...
  9. F

    ELMS and tax (IHT)

    The government have still not provided any guidance on the IHT treatment of land taken out of food production in order to enter the nature recovery schemes under ELMS. If the land no longer qualifies for either agricultural or business relief for inheritance tax, how much would this impact on a...
  10. Agriland RSS

    Pottinger launches new belt-type rake for grassland range

    Written by Stella Meehan from Agriland Grassland specialist Pottinger has added yet another new product to its grassland range - the new MERGENTO VT 9220 belt-type rake. It comes in working widths of up to 9.2m for a central swath and 8.7m for a side swath, and is designed for alfalfa, clover...
  11. F

    Unnecessary Costs In Livestock Production

    Having been berated about the price of lamb and how people need to pay more for it, if us Peasants are to continue in business producing these lambs, I thought I would start a thread about what could or should be done to reduce the costs that many of us have. Many of these costs are out of our...
  12. unlacedgecko

    Lambing ease gestation length

    I'm aware easy calving bulls have shorter gestation. Does the same hold true for easy lambing rams? My ewes are due from today (150 days since rams went in). But a large proportion of the easy care sired lambs have been born in the last 4 days. Any thoughts?
  13. pappuller

    Maize 2022

    Thought I'd kick this off, what are peoples thoughts regarding seedbed feeding this year ? We are going to increase slurry and apply a foliar n product once the plant is growing.
  14. jacobl741

    How much water to put in roller

    Just bought a 10ft twose ballast roller, just wondering how much water I’ll need in it, going to roll the mowing fields that the cows pouched up at backend last year. It’s 900kg empty
  15. S

    It's the supermarkets to blame

    I know it's been said before, earlier on farming on the radio a farmer from Churchstoke was saying how he had to double his flock to be in same place he also said the supermarkets are to blame as they want cheap food and they don't care how they get it
  16. Skimmer

    Hay/Haylage Price.

    With input prices rising like they a 50 % increase will struggle to cover costs and on arable land wheat is looking a lot better option than grass for livery's. what will horse owners be able to afford.
  17. Agriland RSS

    Research: Multi-year management plan needed for leatherjackets

    Written by Megan O'Brien from Agriland Leatherjackets are causing significant challenges for farmers in the western region of Northern Ireland as they struggle to manage the pest without the availability of chemical control substances. The challenge of leatherjacket presence in grassland was...
  18. Louis Mc

    Bogballe section control through 2630

    Has anyone found their spreader turning off too soon when coming into the headland , Especially when coming in square? Seems to be perfect turning on song turning off at angled headlands.
  19. Jerry

    French Hedges, or rather the lack of them!

    Currently driving from Calais to the alps, just past Dijon. There are bugger all hedges anywhere. Odd pockets of woodland but huge swaths of open ground all heavily cultivated. Most seems to be traditional plough based agri. are French farmers not vilified like us for not having more hedges ...
  20. J

    dock control in grassland

    has anybody tank mixed dockstar and thistlex, have used dockstar on its own and abit dissapointed . also has anybody tryed headland polo on docks ?