1. mrsmojos


    Hello! New problem...we recently bought a small holding and our field has ragwort. After enquiring into dealing with the ragwort, we were advised to cut it, and when it begins to grow again we can get it sprayed.... ...we bought the old (very old) tractor the previous owners were selling with...
  2. LAMMA365

    User review: New Holland T5.140 with clever transmission is worth its substantial price tag says one Welsh contractor

    Combining a four-cylinder punch, dual clutch transmission and a high level of specification, New Holland’s T5.140 DynamicCommand is aimed at farmers who need greater performance and comfort from a smaller tractor. Consequently it comes with a substantial price tag, but is it worth the money...
  3. onthehoof

    Sporting rights

    Not really into shooting but I know the rules changed recently with licenses etc, we have a piece of land on which a previous owner kept the sporting rights, no one has shot on it recently but I would like to know if I can prevent shooting if I wanted to, the rules mention only shooting if...
  4. B

    FACTS and Nutrient Management Planning

    FACTS covers all aspects of crop nutrition including fertiliser choice, regulation, soil science and organic manures. It ensures you can provide up to date advice to maximize crop production whilst minimizing the environmental impact. At the present time there is no legal requirement for...
  5. B

    BASIS Certificate in Crop Protection IPM

    These courses cover a wide range of topics including all aspects of agronomy and crop production, with a focus on IPM. They have been designed for agronomists, advisers, technical staff and other roles which involve the advice and supply of plant protection products. They are also extremely...
  6. B

    BASIS Foundation Courses

    The BASIS Foundation courses are ideally suited for individuals who are starting their career in agronomy and crop production, especially those with limited previous experience. For many they act as a ‘steppingstone’ towards more in-depth BASIS courses. The BASIS Foundation courses provide you...
  7. daveydiesel1

    Roundup onto cuttin ground

    Going today to put roundup onto some ground were cuttin silage off was wonderin what was the quickest i can cut it after sprayin as dont want to wait til its startin to change colour
  8. M

    Direct drilling turnips into hard sprayed off grassland

    Will direct drilling work very well if ground is quite hard? Would be turnips into sprayed off grassland
  9. M

    Planting stubble turnips into sprayed off grassland

    What's the best way of planting stubble turnips into sprayed off grassland? Ground appears to be quite hard at the moment which is my only concern
  10. F

    Sustainable Farming Incentive Deadline Looming

    Is anyone actually going to apply for this as the time to do so is now very short? I put in an initial application, but on looking through all the details for what will be a relatively small area of land that is not in CS and is grassland only, the amount of information required and admin time...
  11. DairyGrazing

    How much are you planning on investing in the next 20 years?

    Just had a think about what we'd like to do going forward just to stand still on 400 cows. 1)450k on a parlour 2)150k to get the rest of the milkers onto deep sand and heifers off straw onto cubicles 3)50k on tracks 4)75k on silage pits to stop over filling the current one and so we dont have...
  12. Nature Friendly Farming

    Net-zero action on farms - how are you doing it?

    Jonathan Pinnick guest blogs on our website, sharing some ways that farmers can reach net-zero while locking carbon away at the same time. Some emissions reduction measures, depending on the nature of the farm, include: reducing livestock numbers improving slurry/manure storage and spreading...
  13. EASAC

    Opportunities for soil sustainability in Europe 2021-08-19

    Opportunities for soil sustainability in Europe Downloads Click Download Link Introduction Soils provide numerous essential services in terrestrial ecosystems, ranging from the support of plant growth in agriculture and forestry to moderation of flood risks, water purification, large-scale...
  14. Farm Business RSS

    Clover surge after nitrogen soars

    Written by John Swire from Farm Business Soaring nitrogen prices are encouraging livestock producers to consider ‘alternative’ sources such as white clover, reports Barenbrug UK. With UK-produced ammonium nitrate nudging £297/tonne in AHDB’s fertiliser price series – an increase of nearly 50...
  15. L

    Peak District

    Now please don’t get me wrong I’m asking to learn not to criticise. we have been up here for six days now and the weather whilst usable has been quite varied and windy at times. The views are amazing and there is stock everywhere especially sheep. now to my questions which maybe have been...
  16. Agriland RSS

    Agriculture Committee learns about ‘scientific approach’ to greener farming in Co. Tyrone

    Written by Rachel Martin from Agriland Members of Stormont’s Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs committee visited a farm in Co. Tyrone to see forthemselves the work local farmers are doing for the environment. Host Jessica Pollock explained how she and her family have have embraced...
  17. Farm Business RSS

    Nofence virtual grazing technology claims its space and brings new options to UK livestock producers

    Written by John Swire from Farm Business Technology advancements are providing new opportunities for beef, dairy and sheep producers as Nofence virtual grazing technology becomes widely available in the UK. Established in Norway in 2011 with more than two years of testing on UK farms, Nofence...
  18. Agriland RSS

    Opinion: Fixing a wire fence and seeing farmer adaptability firsthand

    Written by Richard Halleron from Agriland The tremendous adaptability of so many Irish farmers is a trait they very rarely get full credit for. Thoughts of this nature were very much to the fore in my mind on a very wet day last week, when I helped a friend fix a gap in a barbed wire fence...
  19. Bossfarmer

    The giant fert price rise!!!!

    As we all know cereal prices are strong again this year but the cost of growing them has increased sharply, im interested to know how much fert people are using on their crops does anyone put p & k on seperately as well as the compound at drilling? below are my applications for laureate malting...
  20. B

    Milk collection Galway

    Hi lads just wondering what's the least amount of milk a co-op will collect from my farm in a week thinking of starting up a small scale dairy farm of 20 cows to start with, I currently run a beef system that's a waste of time financially, my thinking is run a small dairy farm and put money in...