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  1. J

    Road Registering a Tractor in the UK

    Hi guys, Am desperately hoping someone on here can help me out with a few bits. My boss has recently purchased a New Holland Boomer 50, and neither he nor I know a thing about tractors! He bought it from a private party, and we essentially were given next to no documentation. I managed to get...
  2. P

    New Holland T7 210 Auto Command or JD 6155M autoquad

    Just wondered what those who have either of the machines might choose. Tractor will have a loader and be used as a cultivation work ploughing disking etc and general use
  3. H

    High horse power four cylinders can’t sustainably do the same job as a larger six pot of similar HP. Tell me I’m wrong

    If used as a replacement to a larger six cylinder tractor of around 160 HP with the same kit. Increased engine wear, brakes and transmission. Turbos blown? High service costs ? Overall will they take the wear and tear as well as a larger six ? I know a lot are buying these four pots to replace...
  4. Farm Classifieds

    NEW HOLLAND D1010 Baler, 80 x 90 Bales, Silage Model

    NEW HOLLAND D1010 Baler, 80 x 90 Bales, Silage Model Advert added by: Agri-Linc Farm Machinery Machinery Details Category: Balers Bale Wrapper Price: £8450 Condition: Used Description How to make contact with the Dealer Click here to read more about this listing...
  5. Enry

    New Cheese Factory in North Wales?

    is it up and running yet? Is it supplied by all the spring calvers and something to do with Ackerman? AHDB Dairy guy from N Wales was on about it at a show a few years ago, and how it was going to be a big issue for the other milk buyers up there? Haven't heard any more but it sounded impressive...
  6. S

    Changing make of tractor a person sells

    A person sells JD for a number of years then changes to different company selling fendt Does he turn up at farm saying JD are no good? Perhaps this happens all the time with machinery, feedstuff etc I am referring to guy with unusual surname who is managing director at RVW Pugh new depot at Newport
  7. New holland ts115

    Kleber Tyres

    Hi, looking to change the tractor tyres, I have BKT on at the minute Anybody any experience with kleber tyres? Or any other tyre that I should be considering?
  8. Z

    New tractors will anybody listen

    Ok thinking of buying a new tractor I need 50k and front suspension, then a radio air con gear stick and manual spools that are easy in reach next to the gear stick, had 3 tractors on demo need to be a computer wiz kid to operate spools and turn radio up and down more electrics and gizmos than...
  9. M

    Anyone know who made this - and who could fix it.

    Hello Everyone Just took the power steering ram of a 1971 Ford 5000 and having difficulty finding someone who can repair and service them as this type is so old now my local Hydraulic company cant help me out and a few others Ive called again, cant help me so not sure who to go to - It leaks so...
  10. E

    New Holland LM 435 (Manitou derived) electro-hydraulic fault.

    Bit of a long shot. Has any one experience of the the New Holland/Manitou fitted with a manual joystick with the boom and 3rd service on electric buttons to pilot solenoids. The electrical part seems to have gone haywire. The boom in/out will work but carries on after button released for some...
  11. snarling bee

    Genuine parts prices

    Can anybody beat this outrageous mark-up. Air seat compressor - genuine over £700, (when she said seven hundred I was too aghast to catch the rest of the price) - seat specialist £89. The only significant difference is there is no plug on the alternative model. Thats a 780% markup
  12. Z

    New Holland CSX 7060 v NH TX 62

    What are the plus and minus points of the new holland CSX range versus the TX range TIA Combine novice
  13. D

    Bits For Sale

    I have a few bits for sale if anybody is interested. First is a box of JCB Filters. Part no's are. Would like £150 for them and would be £15 postage costs unless collect. 32/902302 581/18076 32/902301 581/18076A...
  14. B

    What £30k tractor?

    To pull a 4000 litre trailed sprayer (32m boom) as its main job (liquid fert as well) mostly flat land no root crops. It’ll also cart corn with 15t trailers, roll with 12m rolls and run a 4m combi drill on rare occasions. Edit - it’ll need a big oil pump as the sprayer runs off the free flow...
  15. S

    Old milking parlours for small herds

    Hello all, Is it wanting to know if anyone is still milking small herds or any size herds in older style parlours e.g. byres, step up parlours or abreast. It would be interesting to see some photos of them if possible also how long does it take you to milk the cows through it. Many thanks all.
  16. Tealo


    Can anyone tell me the disadvantages to tarriffs on food imports that we can produce ourselves? I can only think of long term advantages so I must be missing something? Cheers
  17. H

    Situation Vacant Parts Person Wanted For New Holland Dealership

    Want a career in an established Agricultural machinery company? We are looking for a dynamic and motivated person to join our parts team. We are a New Holland main dealer based in Bridgwater, Somerset. we are also agents for Kuhn, Shelbourne Reynolds, Teagle & many others. A broad knowledge of...
  18. Fragonard

    Sell Me a Vario 😀

    We never had vario/cvt transmission. So please tell me all the advantages? Are they hard to get used to? Looking at a used NH. Thanks.
  19. jhorr30

    Cnh trimble auto steer

    Have a case ih puma 230cvx steer ready from the factory which was fitted with second hand nh rtk auto steer equipment almost 2 years ago. Has never worked right since it was installed. It just won't drive straight. It can be up to 30cm off line at times but is mostly 3.5-15cm off line. It is...
  20. spin cycle

    mf and greenland balers

    is a mf 828 the same as a greenland rv156 :scratchhead: