1. Greythundercloudys

    Supplies, fertiliser, feed, etc,

    I wonder what this will do for supplies, l defo think in a week or 10 days you won't be allowed to move in this country, l wonder if you will be allowed to bury dead sheep etc and what about vets etc. I was told l may not get my fertiliser that's to come next month till mid May. Maybe l will...
  2. H

    R T. Visits

    This is very relevant to us and starting this thread to see a wider opinion. We have our 93 yr old at very short notice come to live with us RT want to do an inspection . To safe guard our 93 yr old FIL we have stopped visitors etc as he is deemed 'at risk' If we fail to allow the inspection...
  3. Grassman

    Glyphosate free roundup

    Saw this in costco. Didnt know roundup could be had in different active ingredients.
  4. czechmate


    The cereals that have managed to survive (quite well thankfully) the last 4 months are all pretty clean. By far the most widespread weed, and the only one worth thinking of controlling is cranesbill. I am struggling for advice over here :( What is recommended as a cost effective but effective...
  5. jh.

    No till and cover crops in Scotland

    Keep getting told it'll never work up here but I'm convinced it will be the direction we get forced down in coming years. Cover crops after harvest might not get sown until mid to late September, is this too late to get a decent stand going into winter ? Spring crops later drilled into...
  6. Chris F

    RAF Cosford - BASF Event

    Was going to attend this with Martin from the farm (he needs the NRoSO points and likes a free lunch) but it looks like he will be drilling tomorrow. Is anyone else going? We are thinking of heading over to the Lincolnshire one instead, as the weather is looking awful here next week.
  7. D

    NROSO courses

    Struggling to find a list of courses in Northants ideally or surrounding counties. I could do with a 10 point course. Anybody know of an online list?
  8. D

    Ford 3 Cylinder in Sanderson Forklift - Water in Sump

    Year 1978 ish. Loading up last load of beet today and noticed gauge a bit high and could see steam and smell antifreeze. The rad was more or less empty and it took about 6 litres to refill to finish loading. Closer inspection when finished revealed a lot of steam and water coming out the oil...
  9. Zippy768


    Searched the site for previous threads, but oddly nothing came up :scratchhead:. Bascially, who's got a PA6 qualification?? Went to a NRoSO course the other day and asked about - surprising few have it! Booked on for one soon, naturally as a tight fisted individual begrudge the £200+ fee when I...
  10. Agriland RSS

    Arable conference takes place in Greenmount tomorrow

    Written by Agriland Team The ‘Agronomy and Business Management Conference for Arable Growers’ is set to take place tomorrow, Tuesday, January 14, at the College of Agriculture, Food and Rural Enterprise (CAFRE), Greenmount Campus. The all-day conference jointly organised by CAFRE, the Ulster...
  11. L

    Top hat filters in spray line

    Do many operators use top hat filters with Guardian Air nozzles?
  12. I

    Farmers without qualifications could be excluded from funding

    Wow That’s a controversial heading in FG funding may depend on your level of qualification, as if your not qualified you won’t have the necessary business skills to carry out the action “Farmers without qualifications could be excluded from funding and tenancies News08 Jan 2020 Abi Kay...
  13. U

    Regenerative agronomy

    I'm based around Cambridgeshire / Norfolk border farming just under 1800 ha of combinable crops and sugar beet. I am looking for a new agronomy package that looks way beyond pesticides and inorganic fertilisers. Although I am in no way against using pesticides and fertilisers the writing is...
  14. Johnnyboxer

    Lamma 2020

    Who's off to the NEC next week? Anybody going?
  15. richard hammond

    Why is this happening????

    I have today travelled from Spilsby to Cromer and I cannot believe how many fields of drilled cereal crops have had a pre-em applied in shocking conditions, the crops were obviously only just mauled in (and they look crap) who recd a crop which was likely to fail given the weather conditions to...
  16. Cab-over Pete

    Project Xerion.

    At long last I’ve made a tentative start on the Xerion. It’s been a long story of hassle and hold ups since I bought it in September and that shows no sign of letting up. Parts are desperately slow to arrive and to date, after ordering everything in early February the only things I’ve received...
  17. D

    Nroso points

    i could do with a few more before April, have got my TFF ones just now and am up to date on sprayer test and Agrovista points. was looking to see where I can harvest a few more. I am trying to avoid paying to go on a 10 point course. And was hoping to find something online to get a few. I have...
  18. Chris F

    BASIS / NROSO CPD Points

    You can now claim BASIS and NRoSO CPD points for being a contributing TFF member! At the moment 2 BASIS Points and 2 NRoSO Points are available every 12 months for being an active member of TFF with at least 5 posts in a 12 month period. To apply for your points, please click the link below...
  19. R

    Need nroso points quickly

    Have let my points drop. Any suggestions how to get some soon as poss.
  20. Clive

    Suspended from Red Tractor

    Are these people for real - this stupidity has to stop So after after storing 10's of thousands of grain this season in our farm / commercial stores, last week we deliver the last load of milling wheat, as we all know as practical farmers the last load form a store involves some sweeping down...