oilseed rape

  1. M

    University Project

    Hi everyone 👋 I am completing my university project and am investigating the impact of agricultural land management practices on bumblebee populations in rural areas of the UK. If you are a farmer or land owner, please could spare 5 minutes to complete my survey of 14 short questions I would...
  2. CPM RSS

    Fertiliser advice – Keep the faith

    Written by cpm Good oilseed rape establishment and a strong market could mean things are looking up for growers who kept their faith in the crop. CPM gets advice on matching fertiliser inputs to crop potential this spring. It’s always easier to manage a big crop backwards. By Rob Jones and Lucy...
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    The year ahead: AHDB gives farming forecasts for 2021

    Written by Iain Hoey AHDB has launched its biannual forecast of UK production, consumption and trade across livestock and arable sectors, putting Covid, Brexit and the the pervasive influence of China on global commodities markets under the microscope to determine their impact for the year...
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    High value spring OSR opportunity shouldn’t be missed

    Written by Charlotte Cunningham With the price of oilseed rape surging to a multi-year high in recent weeks and prospects looking strong for the coming year, spring-sown OSR could deliver real benefits for growers in 2021, according to the latest advice from ADM Agriculture. Charlotte...
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    242: Growing bright futures

    242: Growing bright futures Written by AHDB Growing Bright Futures: An interview with three successful AHDB crops PhD students about their different PhDs experiences, careers and future plans Education, education, education! Our latest podcast discusses the importance of AHDB-funded...
  6. Fat hen

    Agents’ cheery outlook post-BPS

    Recently attended a zoom meeting with a respected independent land agent. He described the next 5 yrs as the biggest change in Farming in a lifetime. He painted a fairly bleak picture of agric under the Tory government’s funding plans, none of which encourage food production: > £40K BPS will be...
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    Letter to the editor: ‘Let’s embrace the fact that we’re looking to utilise technology’ in UK farming

    Written by Agriland Team It was great to hear the Environment Secretary George Eustice, position UK agriculture at the forefront of innovation at the Oxford Farming Conference 21, through positioning gene editing as an option for UK farmers. Also Read: Minister Eustice launches consultation...
  8. P

    Spot Spraying technology

    I bumped into an article about spot spraying technology, like Trimble's WeedSeeker Is it a thing here in the UK? I can't imagine it being effective on wheat fields. Anyone know what kind of crops this might be suitable for?
  9. Clive

    The Red Tractor ACCS referendum

    The Red Tractor logo or brand does not appear on products that UK cereal growers supply the ingredients for so unquestionably has no value to end consumers of bakery and other cereal products The processors of these products including the likes of Hovis and Warburtons have stated that they have...
  10. rollestonpark

    footpath width

    This winter the footpaths across my wheat fields are getting very wide, they look a bit like this: https://www.fwi.co.uk/news/farmer-counts-cost-after-walkers-stray-from-footpath (picture taken from farmers weekly website, all rights reserved etc by them) maybe mine are not that wide (yet), but...
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    Reporting of strict controls for emergency pesticide authorisation

    Reporting of strict controls for emergency pesticide authorisation Written by Defra Press Office There have been reports this morning in the Guardian and Independent of the emergency authorisation of a neonicotinoid seed treatment for the limited use only on the 2021 sugar beet crop...
  12. Bogweevil

    Beet growers have a neonic seed treatment for 2021

    Statement on the decision to issue – with strict conditions – emergency authorisation to use a product containing a neonicotinoid to treat sugar beet seed in 2021 Published 8 January 2021 Contents The process for assessment and decision-making The requirements for emergency authorisation The...
  13. Wynnstay

    Introducing Spring Seeds 2021

    What can we expect in 2021? After the challenge of harvest 2020, we go into 2021 hoping for an improved year not only in agriculture but that Covid-19 will slowly dissipate with the distribution of a vaccine. From a purely agricultural point of view, there is already more optimism that the...
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    Real Results Pioneers – On-farm trials bring Kernow know-how

    Written by cpm Download PDF The south west of England is a hotspot for cereal diseases, but has the potential for some of the highest yields in the UK. CPM joins Real Results grower Mike Hambly as he reviews the past two years’ trials. This part of the world suffers from septoria isolates as...
  15. yellow belly

    how much wheat still to plant

    i keep reading and hearing about farmers who have been unable to plant the early planting intention survey says 1.776 million has if there is some acres that would normally have been planted by now will the area of wheat in may be less than 1.776 million planted 100% of intended although one...
  16. A J Rimmer

    Cattle manure value

    Afternoon, I know I've read posts on here somewhere but cannot find them now. What theoretical £ Value should be put on cattle manure spread on arable land? Could be your own, straw for muck or bought in.... Say you got 500 x 200kg wheat straw bales turned into FYM then spread. What value...
  17. Barleycorn

    Back to traditional farming or hobby farmers?

  18. Jerry

    State of your crops?

    Given the late drilling date and the amount of rain that’s gone on them I’m pleasantly pleased with the state of my crops. I do have two small fields that are below par but most are looking well. How are others looking? Wheat and barley below, no rape this year but locally it looks well.
  19. MX7

    Jeremy Clarkson "Farming 20-12-2020 " Sunday Times Magazine

    Hope you can read it if you enlarge attached file . Seasons Greetings to you all.
  20. Farmer Fin

    Low carbon marketing

    Is anyone on a contract with “green” credentials for cereals? I.e renewables on their farm taken into account etc. I know it probably makes little difference but could this be a point of differentiation?