1. S

    Hybrid Rye for AD?

    What are the virtues and vices associated with doing Hybrid Rye for AD plants?
  2. chaffcutter

    Straw in the swath, auction results 2021

    Hi, anyone selling straw this harvest, what's the market like where you are?
  3. C

    Too much clover?

    A little unsure about grazing this in case we get bloat! Suckler cows and weaned lambs should be heading in here on next rotation. They have a lot less clover in their other fields. This field was cut for silage 2-3 weeks ago, and had 20:8:14 applied afterwards. (Our P & K levels were low on...
  4. Hilly

    BOM salt

    I bought couple of ton today to spread on some sh!t land as apparently it sweetens grass and makes stock eat it . Any one tried it ? I always thought salt killed grass lol 😂
  5. DairyGrazing

    Maize fertiliser plan.

    How are people doing with their maize fertiliser? Type timing and total please. Have done it differently the last few years due to circumstance not plan. Always drill 25 units with the seed but have been an additional 25-75 units either trop dressing at 18 inches high or working it into the...
  6. D

    In Field, Straw Chopping, Using a Silage harvesters.

    Hi all, I'm looking to chop Straw after a Combine with a Percision Chop Silage Harvester. I'm looking for the best option. Spec: Reliable good at chopping dry Straw. Parts Availability, good price. Tractor Size 120-150 Hp. Why: There is a grant available to chop straw to improve Soils...
  7. M

    Potash Soil Deficiency

    Recent soil analysis is showing K levels at 0 on a lot of the cutting ground. PH around 6.0. The margins around the fields are showing good growth but can see where I’ve cut last year very clearly and the yields don’t look very promising! Is MOP the best long term option? And if so where would...
  8. Agriland RSS

    Sugar beet set to make a comeback in Scotland

    Written by Richard Halleron The reintroduction of sugar beet production to Scotland has taken a significant step forward after the pilot project laying its foundations received new funding. The first successful crop in half a century was harvested last year. As a result, the consortium...
  9. M

    What fertiliser to spread

    Hi. I just got my meadow field soil sampled and I know I need a lot off lime, and my P is very poor. I need to spread fertiliser this weekend and need help on what to sow. I know it’s not going to be great but I am not sure what to go with. I’ve attached pc picture below Thanks
  10. Agriland RSS

    Reduce P and K application rates at your peril – PDA

    Written by Agriland Team A recent survey carried out by the Potash Development Association (PDA) confirms that a significant number of tillage farmers in England and Wales did not apply potash (P) and phosphate (K) to their cereal and oilseed rape crops over the past five years. A PDA...
  11. An Gof

    Epso Bortop

    Been having some tissue tests done and it seems we are coming up short on Boron. Anyone on here using Epso BorTop? Might be an easy step for me to replace the planned EpsoTop with BorTop. Anyone any practical experience on their crops and have an idea of the price please.
  12. ZXR17

    Fibrophos v Sewage sludge

    Which is the best for raising phosphate indices ? I use both but Sewage sludge is becoming a real pain with damage caused to tracks and fields when tipped in wet conditions . There is also the smell issues when spread and also the not so beneficial ' extras ' that come with it .
  13. Bossfarmer

    All grass with straw for muck deals OR all cereals!

    The direction of travel with farm support in the uk seems clear it seems i was right about brexit, that said what is now the way forward on mixed farms? no support leaves a big cut in net profit, whether your still making anything or not depends on prices either way nobody wants to make less...
  14. Will Blackburn

    Maize 2021

    Could be disappointing, I have one light field in with stronger land waiting for dry weather. I could have drilled a month ago but soil temperatures were very low, I'm not seeing any evidence yet that we missed a trick as nothing is showing for earlier sowings. It looks very likely that some of...
  15. teslacoils


    So, T2 has always been the big spend. Is this Revystar the complete dogs danglies? Because £45/ha gets me a lot of other chem.
  16. NADIS News Feed

    NADIS - Grass Staggers (Hypomagnesaemia)

    Milk Fever (Hypocalcaemia, Parturient Paresis) The average annual incidence of milk fever in UK dairy herds is estimated to be approximately 7-8 per cent but individual farms may have a much higher prevalence when calving at pasture. Milk fever is more common in older dairy cows but can also...
  17. hally

    Reseed Nitrogen

    Often have the question asked of me, when to apply nitrogen on a new grass reseed, in the seedbed or after establishment. Just wondering what’s everybody’s opinion on this.
  18. JCB_JCR

    When to cut new herbal ley?

    Put this herbal ley in last autumn for silage. At what stage should I be cutting it? Was planning to cut along with the rest of 1st cut at next weather window but a bit concerned that will kill some of the herbs. Got some high cut skids for mower.
  19. G

    Calcium vs. Mag Lime Based on Soil Test

    Hi folks, I have agreed in principle to the renewal of a 5 year lease on a 100ac block of land, mainly for sheep grazing with 20 suckler cows/calves and one cut of silage in the same field each year. Over the past 5 years I have managed to increase stocking density massively using rotational...
  20. H

    Will we be ploughing for re seeding in the future?

    With farmers taking the blame for wrecking the planet do you think we will be ploughing up permanent grassland to re seed?