selling cattle

  1. H

    Why deadweight

    With the abattoirs currently trying to pull prices back and the live selling buoyant why do so many drive past a livestock market to go to an abattoir ? Is it due to costs or habit ......
  2. Henarar

    Extra costs for pedigree bulls

    Over the years on TFF extra costs for producing pedigree cattle has been discussed, I have made no secret of the fact that I didn't think the extra cost was that much over the cost for society membership and animal registration fees. I thought that over the years as we produced more pedigree...
  3. E

    Worcester Aberdeen Angus sale 3rd April.

    I know they aren't everybody's cup of tea on here (naming no names) but is anyone going this Saturday? We have 2 bulls entered and I'm sure there will be a lot of good cattle there.
  4. Anymulewilldo

    Cattle for Leek

    12 month old 3/4 bred lim Bunch of 10-11 month old lim heifers 18-20 month old lim heifers
  5. F

    250,000 heifer

  6. teslacoils

    Auctioneer Chant

    With the rapid demise of physical auctions, I wondered if there were still any good "singing" auctioneers? My us family in Nebraska often send videos of the cattle auctions, and auctioneering is actually competitive. Maybe ten years ago was my last trip to the brown & co / p&b auction at Brigg...
  7. ridger

    Fluke in cattle

    Got a report from aphis saying that out of the last 12 cattle i killed, 5 had liver fluke. What is a good dose, preferably a pour on with a short meat withdrawal?
  8. onthehoof

    Are shoots allowed in Tier 2

    Moving into tier 2 from 2 Dec, been told that shoots are exempt from rule of 6, is this correct?
  9. P

    Coming soon to a Barbeque near you............

    This was supposed to be our new stock bull, for our pedigree herd, purchased via H&H online sale for 5200 gns. Actually quite a decent bull, apart from the void between his ears, even after being here for 3 weeks, he was still nowhere near being safe to go in the pen with, certainly not on your...
  10. Celt83

    Carmarthen Mart

    It's not looking good for the market at the moment is an understatement! It's tough to see what was once arguably one of the best marts to take your stock to, to only having 16 store cattle in for a sale. I hope its not another market for the chop, but unless something drastically changes I...
  11. W

    Blood sucking ahdb

    68 million drained out of farming every year by the ahdb ,farmers must have plenty of spare cash
  12. Agriland RSS

    David McWilliams on the future of the global economy – and return of the ‘luck penny’

    Written by Agriland Team ONE20: The Alltech Ideas Conference took place last week as a ‘virtual experience’ with online interviews and presentations rather than a live conference, due to Covid-19. A key speaker who would have particularly peaked Irish interest was economist David McWilliams. A...
  13. P

    Milk down the drain - DIY direct action challenge

    Also being posted on Twitter (@PhilatRedRock) & emailed to agri-org VIPs, farming media & friends in the right places. Rather than wait (in vain?) for help from above, how about some DIY activism?
  14. Farm Business RSS

    VikingGenetics ́ female genomic testing now available in the UK

    Written by John Swire VikingGenetics is expanding its range of services with the launch of female genomic testing and corrective mating packages. The services promise to offer the United Kingdom (UK) dairy producers the benefits which have helped earn Nordic dairy cattle their reputation as...
  15. Agriland RSS

    Revisited: How a US mart selling up to 110,000 head annually operates

    Written by Agriland Team Following on from the visit to the Wrangler Feedyard in the US, the next stop – for an Irish delegation of farmers and industry representatives, as part of ONE19: The Alltech Ideas Conference – was Tulia Livestock Auction. During the visit – which took place in May of...
  16. bluegreen

    African swine flu decimating world pig population!!

    Ive been hearing about the impact of this swine flu in China and Africa but it appears to be moving at an alarming pace across the planet!!
  17. bobk

    Are you ready for Brexit

    I am .
  18. E

    Best cross for red ruby devons

    Advice needed - have a pedigree herd of red Devon’s but after a few years of poor returns from them I am considering selling the Devon bull and buying something else. Usually sell them as maiden heifers at the society sales or as stores at 18 months old. Sold a number of 18 month stores at...
  19. the thinker

    Tb testing

    Why is a compulsory herd test paid for by defra yet a compulsory pre movement test not? just had a bill of £97 to test two animals and the vet was longer disinfecting her kit than jabbing and reading their necks!
  20. Massey mad

    UK beef industry

    Where does everyone think the UK beef industry will be in 6 months? Will we be stuck in the same rut or will it climb?