1. teslacoils

    World Wheat Record

    Wheat record broken again. Anyone care to guess the nitrogen use per ton produced before it's announced? I'll go for 380kg per hectare.
  2. C

    Going forward with Oilseed Rape.

    I am in the same dilemma as everybody else; how much rapeseed do I try to establish this autumn. We are a plough based system at present and plough down a good dressing of broiler litter. Most of our crops established to some extent last time, but there are a lot of bare and weedy headlands...
  3. Somerset Farmer

    Wheat Varieties South West

    As a seed grower in the SW I have to try and guess what farmers will be growing in the next 3/4 years. Am growing Graham and Extase for this autumn and cannot see any better replacements at the moment. Unless anybody knows better ?? TIA
  4. J

    Have you changed your cropping strategy for 20/21? (Winter crops vs Spring crops Poll)

    Many didnt plant winter crops due to weather in 19/20 and I am curious about how this affects ones decision for winter/spring crops the next season 20/21? I suspect this might have an obvious answer, but I would love some answers because I am not familiar with farming and I am doing research on...
  5. J

    Caught in Fungicide Spray

    New to this forum and am a smallholder not a farmer so I hope you won't mind me asking this. Can anyone tell me how harmful it could have been to breathe in fungicide spray straight after it was sprayed? Walked in it for a minute or so after the sprayer went straight past me at close quarters...
  6. bankrupt

    Glume Blotch

    The HGCA has completely copped out on septoria nodurum for years past - currently every variety on their list is given a provisional (lack of information) [6], except Bennington [7] and Extase [-]. Hopefully, they'll now be quick enough on their feet to see that this year's extreme weather...
  7. Rob Holmes

    Multi variety drilling

    Was watching one of the Cereals webinars the other day and one talked briefly about mixing 3 varieties at drilling to reduce disease pressure. I assume you can only do it for feed varieties as quality wheats would need to be segregated Does anyone do it? Is it successful in reducing disease...
  8. DSV News

    Stand DSV

    DSV UK Stand: 413 DSV is a breeding company which has been operating in the UK for more than 40 years. The company breeds and sells many different agricultural crops including oilseed rape, winter wheat, barley, grasses, maize, cover crops and lupins. DSV UK is based at Wardington near Banbury...

    Arena NIAB Virtual Event Hub

    Bringing open days and events online The NIAB stand at the Cereals Event is known for providing the latest technical advice and research in variety choice, independent agronomy, soil and rotation management, crop genetics and data science. Plot-based videos, webinars, downloadable guides...
  10. KWS News

    Arena KWS Crop Plots Arena

    Crop plots are at the heart of Cereals! Located centrally within the event, the crop plots offer the chance to review new varieties and practices from a wide range of exhibitors. See not only the latest in breeding but also crop protection methods and soil management techniques. KWS UK has been...
  11. Syngenta UK

    BASIS Points Available Webinar - 11th June - Plant Breeding Innovations - 13:00 to 13:45

    Plant Breeding Innovations Watch here - Chaired by Anthony John, Department of International Trade This session explores the opportunity that plant breeding techniques such as gene editing and sequencing, alongside increasing...
  12. D


    Anyone recommend an adjuvant/ wetter to use with T3 for fusarium on winter wheat? I have torpedo in stock but not sure if that is the correct wetter to use ? Thanks ?..
  13. CPM RSS

    Fit for the future – Lock in your crop’s potential

    Written by cpm Download PDF Choosing the right variety requires so much more than just glancing through the AHDB Recommended List. CPM explores the merits of a new initiative from KWS designed to match grower needs to the traits on offer. Well sown is half grown. By Tom Allen-Stevens As you...
  14. yellow belly

    Drought buster

    How To bust the drought all combines out on the yard spout out header on cab door open Keys in ignition barbecue for next Friday Inviting one neighbour and relayed on zoom This week all talk on tff about the impending lack of harvesting And how the dryer will be redundent and all the fuel...