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    Growers urged to monitor crops more closely and treat fields individually

    Written by William Kellett This year, growers have seen much more winter wheat in the ground across the country, with the exception of parts of East Anglia, and crops have come through the cold snap in February well. Two distinct sowing periods caused by very wet weather last October will mean...
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    Innovation key for future of UK agriculture, reflects Cortevaâs retiring UK & Ireland Country Leader

    Innovation key for future of UK agriculture, reflects Cortevaâs retiring UK & Ireland Country Leader The need for innovation will be key for the continued success of UK agriculture, Corteva Agriscience’s Adrian Gough has said ahead of his retirement in March. Corteva Agriscience announced in...
  3. W


    Know it's miles early. What's he collectives thoughts now CTL has passed on. Is Iodus (Laminarin?) any use on Septoria and Mildew (plenty of peatground) or is it a case of Folpet with fingers firmly crossed? In the West so Septoria is the main target.
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    Disease Delve – A step ahead of an evolving threat

    Written by cpm Download PDF Septoria may have been atypically absent as a serious risk to many wheat crops last season, but that doesn’t mean it can be safely ignored. CPM assesses the disease that robs yield more than any other. As we increasingly grow new and more resistant varieties, the...
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    Cereal diseases – Thoughts on the season ahead

    Written by cpm Download PDF One of the main discussion points since the loss of chlorothalonil (CTL) has been how to shape fungicide programmes without it. CPM sits around the (virtual) table to gather some views. The quickest way to break new chemistry is to use it as a fire brigade treatment...
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    Theory to Field – Slowing sensitivity shifts

    Written by cpm Download PDF Septoria is a bit of a shape-shifter when it comes to single-site fungicides. Minimising selection pressure and maximising control using both cultural and chemical strategies is the focus of two major AHDB projects. CPM reports their findings. It’s really difficult...
  7. Bald Rick

    How is Brexit for you?

    No, not a political thread per se but our freedom hasn't half caused some issues ......... Just since Jan 1st on this farm: 1) Deal to send 60 pedigree heifers to N Ireland ....... no deal because there are no lairage facilities on either side of the water for a physical vet inspection prior...
  8. S

    What's your preferred trace element mix?

    I usually buy an IBC of Manganese every year and lash a bit on with the sprayer. I've done tissue tests in the past because I felt they were relatively dear and I wasn't gaining a lot. But I still use the manganese for the barley even though I'm not sure its any measurable difference. But given...
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    Can biofungicides deliver effective crop protection?

    Written by Agriland Team A new generation of biofungicides is now coming on stream in the UK, backed by claims that they can deliver disease protection that is on a par with their ‘synthetic’ counterparts in crops like winter wheat. A case in point is Iodus, from UPL. The product contains the...
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    Research Briefing – Emerging from the shadows

    Written by cpm Though it’s spent many years in the shadows, the loss of chlorothalonil has arguably thrust folpet into the spotlight as an alternative solution and new research shows it may be more effective than previously given credit for. CPM finds out more. The reality is, if we’re not...
  11. kiwi pom

    EU vaccine role out.

    I read an article this morning say the ultra efficient EU are having problems making the AstraZeneca vaccine in their factories. Instead of fixing them they are saying the vaccine from UK factories, that are not having problems should be sent to them. So Britain can do something right? Perhaps...
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    Featured Solution - Data Diagnostic Insights - The Rise of the Digital Farm

    Featured Solution - Data Diagnostic Insights - The Rise of the Digital Farm Five years ago, when people started talking about Digital Farming and Big Data, most were not sure what this was or how it related to field base crop production. Since then, writes Keith Norman, the speed of technical...
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    Canopy management – HAD shown a benefit?

    Written by cpm Download PDF Healthy area duration (HAD) can deliver robust data on the impact of disease. CPM explores the concept and how it’s unpicking some of the physiological effects associated with fungicides. Septoria decreases source capacity by reducing green leaf area which can have a...
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    Septoria management – Behind the lines of resistance

    Written by cpm Download PDF For years, growers have been on the backfoot with septoria control, fighting a pathogen that’s grown in strength as its population has evolved. CPM gathers the intelligence to give growers a credible advantage against their foe. Septoria is a pathogen that will...
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    Real Results Pioneers – On-farm trials bring Kernow know-how

    Written by cpm Download PDF The south west of England is a hotspot for cereal diseases, but has the potential for some of the highest yields in the UK. CPM joins Real Results grower Mike Hambly as he reviews the past two years’ trials. This part of the world suffers from septoria isolates as...
  16. D

    Vaccinate twice or twice as many?

    Debate today about the vaccination policy. Should they postphone second jabs, to focus on more first jabs? My personnal uniformed opinion is to give out the 2 nd doses, the rest of us can wait a few more weeks.
  17. martian

    Entangled Life

    Just been having a great Christmas read of this book Entangled Life by Merlin Sheldrake. I can't recommend it highly enough to anybody who is remotely interested in the soil (which should be everyone on here). It is all about fungi and how little we know about them, as mainstream science tends...
  18. Jerry

    State of your crops?

    Given the late drilling date and the amount of rain that’s gone on them I’m pleasantly pleased with the state of my crops. I do have two small fields that are below par but most are looking well. How are others looking? Wheat and barley below, no rape this year but locally it looks well.
  19. J

    Pool prices

    What have the harvest pools and Aug-Dec pools manage to achieve this season for wheat and barley?.
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    3 new Elsoms varieties pass tough 2020 test with flying colours

    Written by John Swire New winter wheat varieties Merit and Astound along with Winter barley Bolton all performed impressively during a very challenging 2020 growing season confirms George Goodwin, Vining Pea and Combinable Crop Manager for leading UK breeder Elsoms Seeds. “Both Merit and...