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    Two-engine option for latest Kramer Loader

    Written by Justin Roberts from Agriland First seen at the Balmoral show, Kramer has released further details of its most recent model, the KT 144, which comes with a choice of engine. The latest machine is described as an ultra-compact telescopic handler with a height of less than 2m and a...
  2. FarmyStu

    Telehandler tilt

    Hi all. Does anyone have any experience of telehandlers with the ability disable the tilt/tip function? Mate has just bought a manbasket and he's been told that it's only legal if the "tilt mechanism is disabled"? Kind of makes sense but I don't think I've seen an agri telehandler with such a...
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    Manitou MLT 629 Premium Spec

    Manitou MLT 629 Premium Spec Advert added by: B and B Tractors Machinery Details Category: Loaders and Attachments Telehandler Price: £34500 Condition: Used Description Manitou MLT 629 Premium Spec Air con Air seat Hyd imp lock Jsm joystick On 20"...
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    Manitou MLT741

    Manitou MLT741 Advert added by: B and B Tractors Machinery Details Category: Loaders and Attachments Telehandler Price: £ Condition: Used Description MANITOU MLT741-120 LSU How to make contact with the Dealer Click here to read more...
  5. P

    Skid steer vs articulated thoughts please

    As title really, two types of wean to finish units two 100x50s with 8’ scrape passage each side and new deep litter with scrape one side and 4.5m pens in a 120x55, currently scrapping with a 35 and wanted to get the new shed running before buying a compact ish machine, telehandler on site for...
  6. Turnip

    Prepping for hedgerow planting, what herbicide to use to kill off existing grass and weeds?

    So we are looking to plant 200m of hedgerow this winter in one of our paddocks. As I only have a knapsack sprayer can people recommend a herbicide to use before hiring a rotovator to prep the ground? From what I can read about planting hedgerows the aim is to have a strip cleared of all growth...
  7. O

    Situation Vacant Lead Arable Operator / Working Farm Manager wanted in South Oxfordshire

    Posted May 2022 Enthusiastic Lead Arable Operator / Working Farm Manager required for progressive family farming business in South Oxfordshire covering 500ha of mainly combinable crops with environmental schemes and other diversified activities. The role is a chance to get involved in an...
  8. Sole Hill Farm

    2003 Manitou MLA 628 engine cutting out

    Hi all and apologies asking for help in my first post! I have a 2003 (53) Manitou MLA 628 that I bought off of a friend on Friday (20.05.22) that has suddenly started cutting out - randomly. She was absolutely fine for the 5/6 mile drive home & fine for the first day of work but then today the...
  9. M

    Tractor Drawn Cattle Box

    We are now finnishing our own cattle and our numbers are always growing, have been moving cattle with iforwilliam box and truck and basically just to small now. What brands of trailer should I be looking at , would like the option to load 8-12 fat cattle but not to big a trailer that it's awful...
  10. A

    Manitou 725

    Sorry if this has been asked before! I am looking for a telehandler, and have a sub 10k budget. Been offered a manitou 725 and would like a bit of feed back about the model, and any pitfalls I am trying to avoid anything on eBay from large dealers yards in Yorkshire. Would also love any...
  11. F

    Re-roofing a 60 x40 Shed - Handing and disposal of old Asbestos Roof Sheets

    Looking to replace the cracking and leaking big 6 asbestos sheets with fibre cement. The old sheets are a bit crumbly in places so will be wearing masks, boiler suits etc intend to stack them on a pallet and get a licenced outfit to cart them away. Any advice welcome on best way to tackle this...
  12. O

    Situation Vacant Full/Part time harvest work opportunity on 700 acre Norfolk farm

    Full/Part time work opportunity from June/July and into early Autumn on 700 acre arable farm near Norwich, Norfolk. Workload consists of: general farm work, corn carting, harvest work, irrigation, grass topping, silage carting, loader work, cultivating, drilling, subsoiling, farm maintenance...
  13. A

    cutting roofing nails

    I have a shed to take down, the round roof is in poor condition so not going on top too dangerous. The roof is 40year old corrugated iron, held down with shed nails as we call them and rubber washers. The shed nails are 6mm thick. teleporter and basket available to lift me up to get access...
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    TA001758 - 2017 Merlo 40.7 CS-156 Handler

    TA001758 - 2017 Merlo 40.7 CS-156 Handler Advert added by: Chandlers (Farm Equipment) Ltd Machinery Details Category: Loaders and Attachments Telehandler Price: £59950 Condition: Good Description Merlo MF 40.7CS-156 7m Handler, 4000kg lift, 156HP...
  15. Overby

    Gatepost ideas

    I've got a gate that now isn't quite wide enough and I could do with fitting a double gate. The whole area sits on an old hardcored site so is a nightmare to try and dig into. Anyone got any genius ideas for a simple way to install a gatepost? I toyed with a plate on the bottom but the pins...
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    Goat farm fined after worker fatally struck by telehandler

    Written by Agriland Team from Agriland A goat farm in Yorkshire has been fined £180,000 and ordered to pay £20,000 in costs for safety breaches that resulted in a farm worker being run over and fatally wounded. Back in August 2018, 53-year-old Janet McDonald, an employee of Yorkshire Dairy...
  17. Mark C

    RDS Loadmaster Alpha (loader onboard weigher)

    Anyone fitted one to a JCB telehandler? Are they any good? Like the idea of having a camera input too for a reversing camera. Shame JCB don't offer a rear camera intergrated into the screen of the new models.
  18. Andrew.j

    2Bedroom Farm/ Estate Cottage Wanted to Rent Perthshire Area

    Hi I am looking to rent a Farm/ Estate Cottage in Perthshire/ Highland Perthshire areas. I have potential full time employment undertaking hgv2 fallen stock collections driver in the Perthshire area, if any Farms/Estate can help me out it would be appreciated, i also have a young collie and my...
  19. 3

    John Deere 3415 Telehandler misfire

    Got a John Deere 3415 Telehandler running rough at high rev. Has anyone had any issues with the injector pump or injector pump controller on these machines
  20. andybk

    Where is your wool going this year ?

    shearing under way , is everyone still going to stick with the wool board , or taking it to the Irish ? half a mind to split mine see what the difference is this time , will have about 20+ bags charollais and a few bags zwartbles , Seem to remember i had about £60 last year for dozen bags off...