1. M

    How to get Chilton headstock to fit JCB Qfit

    Hi, looking for some ideas/info on how to go about getting my tractor to pick up my existing implements, we still have the telehandler so changing brackets on them isnt an option. The tractor has chilton the telehandler has qfit as do the implements Can you convert them to fit ? Any clever...
  2. ridger

    Filling meal bags

    Anyone got a handy way of doing it? Getting sick of the old yellow bucket
  3. Agriland RSS

    Up to speed as New Holland supports Prince’s Countryside Fund

    Written by Justin Roberts New Holland, for the second year running, has lent its support to the Prince’s Countryside Fund (PCF) and its Up to Speed Scheme. The purpose of the PCF is to promote a “robust and sustainable rural community” and this element of its work aims to bring the latest...
  4. MJT

    Sensible reliable Telehandler

    Currently run a merlo 32.6 telehandler, after trading in our old 26.6 years ago . The newer machine has given so much more problems , mostly electrical or sensors etc, as well as stupid amount of pipes wearing through. So my question is what would you guys advise for a more basic telehandler...
  5. andybk

    Any tips on getting a stuck pto shaft apart

    Bought a old rake , been in a shed for a while , cant get pto apart , tried soaking wd40 , tapping with hammer , any short cuts lol ? , doesnt help cover is full length so you cant get a good grip on pipe
  6. P

    barn foundation advice needed!!

    hello, im new to this forum and this is my first goes. Im going to be building a 60ftx30ft timber agricultural barn this year, and have a few questions related to the foundations. Im copying the design from a few barns ive seen, so carpentry wize, im sorted. Unlike most ive seen...
  7. A

    Situation Vacant Busy agricultural contractor seeks additional tractor drivers

    2021 seasonal operators required We are a agricultural contracting company incorporating a straw baling business and running alongside a 1000 cow dairy unit in north cambridgeshire. We are looking for a number of highly skilled, conscientious operators for the upcoming season. Our busiest...
  8. B

    13 x 20 wheel rim

    for a telehandler ,ta
  9. W


    We are a family run stonework and landscaping business based near Penrith. The business started out working primarily as a walling contractor for farmers and has developed into carrying out a broad range of stonework, landscaping and related groundworks for domestic, agricultural and other...
  10. CPM RSS

    Material handlers – Lessening the load

    Written by cpm The right handler can bring a multitude of benefits on farm. CPM rounds up some of the most recent launches. It offers a zero-emissions load handling solution with no compromise in performance or productivity. By Charlotte Cunningham Perhaps one of the most underrated bits of kit...
  11. M

    Tilly Trailer test

    I’ve been renewing insurances the last couple of days and mentioned Tilly to our insurer who had no idea what it was initially. They have subsequently come back to me with the following: ‘Tilly is not a legally recognised certificate that would assist in any litigation regarding an accident on...
  12. Martyn2106

    Looking For Work Harvest work wanted

    Looking for a harvest position this coming season. 34 years of age lots of experience looking for long hours to top the bank balance up before going back to my winter job. Experience with trailer work Some cultivation Power harrowing top down etc rolling and so forth Telehandler experience too...
  13. Farm Classifieds

    T4009593 - 2015 Manitou MLT735 PS 4WD Telehandler

    T4009593 - 2015 Manitou MLT735 PS 4WD Telehandler Advert added by: Chandlers (Farm Equipment) Ltd Machinery Details Category: Loaders and Attachments Telehandler Price: £39950 Condition: Good Description 2015 Manitou MLT735PS 4WD Telehandler, 3500kg lift, 7m Lift...
  14. chaffcutter

    Anyone recommend a bag filling bucket for a loadall?

    After all the replies about a bag handler recently, I have been discussing the safety concerns or comments with our men. Obviously the one area is lifting bags filling drills, and although they are only too aware to never be under a bag at height, they asked if we couldn’t avoid using multi use...
  15. Moggytom

    Manitou MLT 629 2003 - transmission alarm help

    Manitou MLT 629 2003 telehandler. Currently have transmission oil pressure lamp on and on checking oil level find it is full but there is black oil contamination showing on dip stick. I only ever use correct transmission oil which is fine and clear so can anyone anyone suggest cause if this...
  16. Brisel

    Subtle yet effective Hi Vis clothing

    This might sound like an oxymoron, but bear with me. My boss has been recommended to insist that all staff wear high vis clothing in the farm yard. I have some sympathy with this - we run a commercial grain store and Christmas tree retail operation as well as a large contract farming...
  17. D


    Wanted telehandler will consider rigid or pivot JCB526 sort of size Max £18k must be tidy
  18. Try to succeed

    Situation Vacant Harvest position with the chance to stay on

    I’m looking for a hard working and motivated individual to join me for harvest on our family farm near Retford, with the potential for the right candidate to stay on longer term. This role will include: - grain carting - grain store tasks - record keeping - general arable farm work - general...
  19. Cab-over Pete

    College options for a keen lad.

    Aye up, My lad is in his first year of a Level 3 Extended Diploma. He’s doing ok, really well in fact, good grades and we thought he was enjoying it. I know it’s been a difficult year for many kids, but he’s been lucky, really busy working on a local farm. He absolutely loves it and is there...
  20. Moggytom

    Manitou MLT 629 2003

    Manitou MLT 629 2003 telehandler. Currently have transmission oil pressure lamp on and on checking oil level find it is full but there is black oil contamination showing on dip stick. I only ever use correct transmission oil which is fine and clear so can anyone anyone suggest cause if this...