1. F

    New Desktop Computer What Do I Need?

    As the title says, my old desktop which is a Fujitsu and is probably ten years old is getting very slow and I guess it is time for a new one. Now I am not very tech savvy but am wondering what I need for the future. I have been told to get plenty of memory but am unsure what else I must have. I...
  2. Timmy k

    Putting time aside to just enjoy

    As everything now is about covid or the fact the world's going to end if you have one more sunday roast, what do you fellas do to for fun, something to take your mind off all the doom and gloom.
  3. Q

    Best way to fix baseplate to concrete

    Looking for some advice. Putting up a small roofed area 4m X 4m with 8ft high RSJ. Wondering what's thes easiest way to bolt them to concrete floor. Was thinking of using thunderbolt like Wondering are they strong enough or...
  4. Mounty

    2nd monitor for desktop Mac

    Pic attached of the back of the Mac. Do I need a lightning to HDMI or whatever the input is on new monitor. Are most secondary monitors ok with a Mac?
  5. W

    Hybrid Winter Barley

    If your growing it, how are you getting on with it? Costs to grow? Output? What it like grass weed wise?
  6. Brisel

    All in one PCs

    Are these any good? My laptop is getting old and slow & I fancy a nice big screen without the masses of cables from buying a separate tower unit and 27" HD/4K monitor for my man cave while the wife is watching crap on the only TV in the house that I don't like. My desk is in an alcove that will...
  7. A

    Sheep hurdle floor fixings

    I’m looking for suggestions on floor fixings to hold sheep hurdles/race joiners to the shed floor. I’m looking for alternatives to just a rawl bolts/thunderbolts as I want to beable to take the handling system to bits and clean out with the loader or use the shed for other uses at different...
  8. L

    Makita impact gun.

    Seems like there's alot to choose from for impact gun for general farm duties. Ranging from £80-£300 . Which would be the model to go for with a 1/2 inch chuck key ? Looking at soley Makita due to having a range of other tools and hopefully pick something up in a black Friday deal ...
  9. rob1

    Mobile broadband

    Anyone using mobile broadband instead of fixed line? We have a really slow broadband speed and also have a second home so we thought we could go mobile and up the speed and only need one contract, but I dont know much about the pros and cons
  10. Cowabunga

    Second monitor

    I recently bought a new 27" iMac to replace my 2011 21" iMac. Nothing wrong with the old one for basic tasks. Then I had the bright idea of using the 21" as a second monitor. Bought a Thunderbolt3 to Thunderbolt2 adapter, which Apple charge an extortionate amount for, plus a metre long...
  11. redsloe

    Desktop computer renewal.

    We've not had a desktop computer for a few years now, a tablet does my browsing for me but with more invoices being emailed our ancient laptop is annoying the hell out of the missus! I shall soon be told to F off and do it myself! Do people still use desktops for farmwork? I heard you can get an...
  12. Av Gorritt

    1 TB portable USB SSD

    Where is the best source for 2 of these for PC back up purposes . Toshiba - Samsung or what ?? They seem to vary between £40 ish to £300 ish (or more) Why is there such a difference , and are the dearer ones so much better ?
  13. S

    Office computer. iMac

    Hi all , I’m looking to upgrade my office pc. Fed up with windows. I use an iPhone and iPad and I am thinking about an imac so I have a common platform system with the added advantage of auto sync with devices. Has anyone done the same and is there any problems with interaction with cattle...
  14. B


    things ive found recently and over the years, this is in fields that are grazed by cattle with a footpath on otherside of hedge along the road that runs through my village, and with learnt over the years to check around border everytime we graze or cut it, right here we go, beer,lager bottles...
  15. B

    Fitting concrete panels in front of block wall

    Have shed with block walls built within the steel stanchions. I want to fit concrete panels in front of the steel, ideally without knocking down the block walls. I could get a clip on the top of the second panel as that will be higher that the blocks. Can anyone recommend a way of fixing the...
  16. W

    iMac graphics card replacement

    Has anybody ever done one? How easy is it to do? My trusty 27inch iMac from 2009 is having its very first breakdown and the symptoms suggest a new graphics card is needed. Don’t fancy going via Apple due to the cost and age of the machine. Thinking if I try and fail I’ve lost nothing or anybody...
  17. fermerboy

    New Laptop

    Due to home schooling looking like lasting till xmas at least, and some other factors, Mrs Fb who is a teacher is in need of a new laptop. Not too worried about spec, anything Win 10, I5, 8gb ram, and a SSD, with a 15.6" screen will do her job, £600 is sort of the budget. I havent bought a...
  18. D

    Windows 10 software

    About to build myself a new desktop pc, been using laptops for last few years but fancy something I can upgrade easy and not have all the preloaded shite on it. Last time I built a pc was pre having the internet at home so you could “just borrow a windows cd” but not the done thing these days...
  19. Danllan

    The what I f^cked up today thread...

    A suggestion of @betweenthelines, probably long overdue for most of us, this thread seems like one with a real future to it... :rolleyes: I'll start, something relatively minor, but irritating nonetheless: putting in some thunderbolts to hold a mini-sleeper to a wall so I can attach some rails...
  20. Cowabunga

    RAM deficit syndrome.

    My desktop has been noticeably slow for some time, with multiple windows and applications open especially. One of the slowest apps has been Apple Mail, which would barely function, even though my phone and tablet worked fine and rapidly with it. Today I expanded the 4GB RAM on my iMac by adding...