1. W

    Deccox buckets

    Had medicated deccox buckets for young lambs at grass for the last decade, positioned against fence behind half ring feeder so only lambs had access, got on really well using this system. Previous buckets Came from Scotmin or Dallas Keith, depending on who my rep was dealing with, this year...
  2. Dave W

    Overpriced trailers

    Regularly seeing used ifors advertised 20-30% above new price. Appreciate there's supply issues etc but is anyone actually buying trailers at £1000+ more than new for a used trailer? Saw a brand new 14ft tri ale with ramps in a sale yesterday made about £200 more than new which looked cheap at...
  3. devonbrion1998

    Fat Ewes

    Hi all Ok I have left my main ewe flock out on some good grass this winter along with a molasses feeder I bought them home today, lambing in 4/5 weeks, and was shocked to find just how fat they have got, I normally would start feeding now Could do with your thoughts on feeding going forward...
  4. neilo

    Heamonchus ! Advice & experience wanted.

    It seems that we, along with several folk in the area, have got a heamonchus challenge from somewhere (nothing comes on here without Zolvix, so how did it get here? :scratchhead: ). Everything has been grazing roots and off (contaminated?) grass since New Year, so not shedding any more eggs...
  5. Chris F

    What advantage does this give?

    not seen matching sizes front and rear before (on a “normal” tractor designed for different sizes)
  6. vinnie123

    Chronic labour shortages!

    With literally dozens of job vacancies locally and an apparent lack of applications what does the future hold ? It seems like the foreigners are scarce and the majority of youngsters can’t be bothered if it’s vaguely hard work/dirty or unsociable hours 🤦‍♂️-you certainly need to keep hold of the...
  7. le bon paysan


    Of Popcorn in the EU as 400 million + kick back to watch the chaos at the border next week. 🍿 https://theconversation.com/brexit-what-the-uk-eu-customs-changes-mean-for-businesses-from-january-1-174097
  8. P

    Building a log cabin for residential use on our own agricultural land - likely to get permission?

    Does anyone know if this is likely to be allowed? (before I pay up the £285 for pre-app advice). We moved into a farmhouse with mother-in-law 2 years ago but after 20 years in my own home elsewhere I'm finding it very hard-going not having my own private territory, and the relationship between...
  9. Clive

    DEFRA SFI Question time with Janet Hughes - 11th August, submit your questions please

    DEFRA has once more invited the members of TFF to put their questions regarding the ELMS scheme forward and take them to an exclusive interview withJanet Hughes, who is the Programme Director for the Future Farming and Countryside Programme (FFCP). The Q&A will take place on the 11th August and...
  10. B

    The hand over

    Handing the reigns from one generation to the next has been well documented on here, some successes down not so. We are in the process here (or at at least I think we are) - it’s not going well to be honest. Despite doing all the feeding, shepherding, organising, all the paper work etc I still...
  11. Agriland RSS

    Video: Plastic tines and power-saving with Strautmann Magnon

    Written by Justin Roberts from Agriland It was at the last Agritechnica that Strautmann launched its latest range of forage wagons, but has taken until this season for them to arrive in Ireland. Known as the Magnon series, the machines come with several new features, the most notable of...
  12. jacobl741

    Round baling hay

    Got one field of hay left to bale, we usually do it all small squares but have filled the lofts sooner than expected this time. So it’s going to get round baled, it’s nice and dry good hay, should I turn the baler density down from what we use for hayledge as we usually try to get as much as we...
  13. thesilentone

    When is the time to confront the elephant in the room ?

    Our action to negate or slow global warming is clearly not going fast enough. I don't point the finger at the UK exclusively, we are far from the worst offenders, however in general, are we doing enough ? Looking at Agriculture alone, currently social media is full of pictures of tractors...
  14. D

    Jobs allied to farming

    Hello, I posted on here before asking about drystone walling as a potential profession to go alongside farming, and I got some really informative responses. Would anyone be able to give me some more advice on other jobs that are related/allied to farming that would be interesting and would...
  15. R

    Which gasket sealer

    Hi, Which Loctite sealer is best where a gasket is used between two machined tractor gearbox castings. I used to use Hermitite red but have run out so thought i would ask. TIA
  16. F

    SFI Welfare Scheme to Pay Vets to do Health and Welfare Plans?

    How many Vets out there actually know what happens on a mixed beef and sheep farm? There are a few very good Vets that have carried on doing large animals but most of them are like the farmers they serve getting long in the tooth. This looks to be a great money making scheme for the Vets with...
  17. bobk

    Would you buy an electric vehicle POLL

    Fairly sure of my answer , 2 questions , no fence sitting
  18. I

    Case digger with David brown engine, what engine do I have 1977

  19. Old Tip

    Wool Press

    Anyone know where I could get a wool press, looked on line and everything is Chinese 🙄
  20. I

    Farmer moves parked car

    Well this went badly.