1. P

    New tyres for Massey 390t

    I’m in the market for new tyres for my Massey Ferguson 390t, old ones giving trouble, Tractor only gets 150 hours a year mostly hauling bales and trailers Old ones are 420/85 R34s klebers Going for 460s now and don’t mind spending on a decent brand that will do another 20 years like the last...
  2. P

    Case 885 XL versus the 885 XL super two

    Can anyone tell me the difference between the specs on them? TIA
  3. Farm Classifieds

    I2000288 - 2022 Vredestein Tyres

    I2000288 - 2022 Vredestein Tyres Advert added by: Chandlers (Farm Equipment) Ltd Machinery Details Category: Parts and Maintenance Tyres Price: £2350 Condition: New Description New Vredestein 650/60R34 Tyres - 100% How to make contact with the Dealer Click here to...
  4. H

    Telehander tyres

    Be ringing around for 460 70r24 tyres. MLR. ceat and Firestone all about same money. Bkt 80 quid more what do you think the best tyre?
  5. T

    BKT or CEAT

    Hi, here goes again! Changing the 4 tyres on tractor would you go BKT or CEAT? Their is only £170 difference. Thanks
  6. B

    Which tyres?

    Which tyres would people have preference for making the least mess on soft grassland? 600/65r38 or 580/70r38? Or naff all difference between the 2?
  7. L

    Tyres 400 70 20

    quote required for 4 new 400 70 20 tyres, usual tractor pattern for telehandler
  8. FendtRunner86


    Are vredestine tires any good for transport?
  9. 6

    tyre road noise.

    hi guys have a john deere 6930 50k 2012 model autoquad,which came with 540/65/28 and 650/65/38 goodyear tyres,tyres replaced at 5600 hours and downsized a little to 480/70/28 and 580/70/38 klebers.problem is at 50k im getting an awful road noise in the form of a droneing noise.(never had noise...
  10. B

    420/70/28 tyres

    Delivery to North Devon. Can fit myself. Tia
  11. S

    £600 cash back on new tyres??

    There is advert on this site giving £600 cash back on 4 new kleber tyres , How does this Work? Is the price increased by £600 beforehand? Or are the tyres not selling because they are too expensive so price is reduced to realistic level but still making substantial profits Are all tyre...
  12. S

    Trailer flotation tyres

    Looking at a set of 560 60 22.5 for a 14t grain trailer, each tyre will be carrying 4ton At a max of 40kph. mainly over a distance of 4 miles with plenty of slow bits and stopping at junctions. When looking at different manufacturers web sites it say between 30 and 35psi. When talking to a...
  13. GAM

    Interesting Tractor Tyre Observation!

    I went to see the tyre fitting company to see the three makes of tyres he had offered me for my 390 on 16.9 x 34, MRL, CEAT, & Vredestein, just for piece of mind, not that I would be able to judge quality and wear by there visual appearance. Well, they were very much the same, the real only...
  14. L

    Ceat Floatmax FT,RT tyres 560/60R22.5

    Does anyone have experience of the above . Got splitting problems with vredestein and getting wary of expensive tyres that dont last. Looked at Ceat in the flesh and spec looks ok but .....bit undecided???
  15. GAM

    Tractor Tyres

    I need to replace two rear 16.9 x 34 tyres on our 390 4wd, I have been offered MRL, CEAT and VREDESTEIN, we mainly use the tractor for hay making, so 50 hrs a year! whats anyones thoughts on the MRL & CEAT?
  16. D

    BKT Tyres-Any good?

    Looking to replace full set of tyres on main ploughing,cultivation tractor. Have had quotes for all the main brands and BKT are coming in substantially cheaper. Am tempted but wondering if there are any drawbacks or problems with this make? Interested in anyones experiences!
  17. James

    Front mower conditioner

    Can any of them spread the grass the full width like rear mowers can? And which use a spool to raise and lower and which use the linkage? May seem daft questions :banghead: but total front mower novice here Tia
  18. C

    Best tractor rears

    Got to spend some cash on a pair of rear tyres for my Tractor..16.9/38 whats the best make to buy...do a bit of road work hauling bales etc etc...Klebers...my mate says ...any ideas ...Thanks
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    2M038988 - 2019 Valtra N174D ST MR19 4WD Tractor & Alo G5L Loader

    2M038988 - 2019 Valtra N174D ST MR19 4WD Tractor & Alo G5L Loader Advert added by: Chandlers (Farm Equipment) Ltd Machinery Details Category: Tractors Farm Tractors Price: £95750 Condition: Excellent Description 2019 Valtra N174D...
  20. M

    Best place for competitive tyres?

    Evening all Where's the best place for competitive tyres. I'm after some 405 70 20 for a handler. Like everything they Seem to have shot up in price. Big tyres and a few online ones seem to be fairly dear. Can anyone reccomend anyone. As lo g as they can send them out that's fine. We can fit...