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  1. Grower Tesque

    To build a grain store or not?

    Our grain is stored at a 3rd party store which is 5 miles away from home, on the whole works well but there are a few niggles. I keep toying with the idea of building our own store. Currently it costs us about £13,500/yr (£12.20/t) to store, this includes monthly costs for electric for fans...
  2. Derrick Hughes

    The Drought

    Never seen fields dry out so quick . We are working on fields we could not get a tractor on at all last year ,
  3. Bald Rick

    Behaviour of the Public (well some)

    Listening to the radio news whilst pushing slurry about, I heard an angry senior police officer berating those who had left their homes for a jolly beside the sea. He was raging, rightly in my view, about how some were treating this crisis as a holiday. Add that to the emotional video of the...
  4. Farm Business RSS

    Interactive map launched to help farmers predict problematic parasites

    Written by John Swire Beyond the immediate issue of flooded pastures, a wet and mild winter can provide an additional headache to sheep to farmers when it comes to lambing time, giving ideal breeding conditions for some problematic parasites. The industry-wide animal health body, Sustainable...
  5. G

    New toy day

    New toy
  6. farmer on a bike

    Countryside Productivity Small Grant scheme rejection

    We have just had our application rejected because our choice of crush did not meet the spec. The crush must be specially designed primarily for foot trimming. With an internal width of at least 720mm, the crush will have a head yoke, rotating rump bar. The crush will be fully galvanised or...
  7. Chae1

    Best Weather App

    I've used wunderground for years, but after latest update have found it isn't nearly as good. Features i particularly liked about it was, the fact it was connected to local weather stations. Gave you alerts for rain,what time it would come on. Current weather in top bar of phone. I know i just...
  8. Farm Business RSS

    Sencrop acquisition creates Europe’s largest real-time farm weather network

    Written by John Swire Sencrop, pioneer of ultra-local, on-farm weather data, has announced the acquisition of sensor specialist Visio-Green. The acquisition allows more than 10,000 farmers to connect to Sencrop’s data-driven platform, consolidating its position as the European leader in...
  9. Northeastfarmer

    Dennis the menace Looks like we are going to get another battering this weekend :cautious: Don’t think I’ve ever known the land so wet and clarty at this time of the year
  10. D

    Out door lambing

    Every year we get posters on here telling us indoor lambers, what idiots we are. Indoor lambers spend too much on sheds, labour, medicines & some argue we are on the edge of going senile & our land should be taken off us & given to keen new starters because we are so stupid. However get a day...
  11. Northeastfarmer

    Storm ciara

    It’s giving us a right battering here
  12. Chris F

    What winds are you seeing today?

    Obviously it’s still 3mph from the south west of you are a sprayer driver ? but what are you seeing it’s a bit tame so far in the Midlands. Like a normal day in Cornwall
  13. KB6930

    Ground source heating in a new build

    Ground source heating in a two storey house how well would under floor heating downstairs work then radiators upstairs it would be very well insulated etc?
  14. kevindb880

    Drilling anyone?

    Just north of Hertford, We managed to get 20 acres in last week but nothing since and now it’s really wet! Anyone else got anything in the ground?
  15. C

    Weather Stations and Soil moisture deficite monitoring

    I am looking to buy two weather stations to monitor Temperature, pressure, humidity, rainfall, wind speed and direction, solar radiation and UV levels and soil moisture and temperature. Ideally these need to be independent stations that can be deployed in a block of land away from the office...
  16. massey7726

    Countryside productivity grant - outdoor wifi repeaters and weather station

    Having a bit of a problem finding the appropriate weather station and repeaters to fulfill the criteria of this grant. Can anyone give me an idea of what they have bought? The codes in the grant handbook are : SG59 & SG60. I would appreciate any advise , thanks!
  17. Old Tip

    When will it stop raining

    Been raining virtually every day since mid July, it’s getting past a joke, they keep promising a dry spell but it never appears. I for one am getting fed up, is there any hope
  18. Farmer Roy

    Farmer Roy's Random Thoughts - I never said it was easy.

    Mod Note: New thread created by moving some posts. Haha - every second post on TFF seems to be about problems with townies, cyclists, dog walkers, trespassers etc etc The further from all that the better I reckon I couldn't cope with having non farming neighbours . . .
  19. banjo

    The great global warming scam, worth a listen I think.

    i think global warming is happening, but it's not us that's doing it. It's the earths life cycle of the sun heating up the earth and the sea then creating more co2, or less when it's cooler, the delay in the sea warming or cooling is many years simple. A hell of a lot of scientists believe the...
  20. A

    Your current weather.

    I'd like to see what the weather you all are experiencing throughout the year. Tempeture and conditions. Just post what it was like and if there any changes. Yesterday morning it was 53F and drizzle. About noon cleared off and windy at 15mph gusting to 30. Temp dropped throughout the day. This...