weather station

  1. B

    Enough rain to harvest?

    Had 65mm now in May and recorded nothing in April. Anybody want any more or is that enough to harvest and now we need sunshine. ‘cold and wet May is good for the grain and hay’
  2. M

    Net Zero

    Morrison’s have made a big commitment for all farmer suppliers to be bet zero by 2030. How will machinery intensive businesses achieve this particularly thinking of the root cropping guys and large dairy units.
  3. Agriland RSS

    Free service for sheep farmers and advisors could reduce lamb mortality this spring

    Written by William Kellett As sheep farmers are well aware, the weather in early spring can fluctuate from extreme cold to warm sunshine within a few days. A cold snap followed by rapid warming can result in a sudden and significant challenge to young lambs, as nematodirus larvae hatch in...
  4. Richard Smyth

    Fendt 936 gen 6

    Recently got a new gen 6 936. Just wanting users opinion on adblu usage as it seems to like a drink. currently it’s using 10.5 % of fuel use. This seems a lot to me on relatively light work at the moment. I’ll have it on a deep ripper next week but slightly concerned how much it will use on...
  5. Grassman

    Frosty dry fields

    Its typical. First good frost in a long time and can actually get on the fields and its Christmas day!:ROFLMAO:
  6. Jerry

    State of your crops?

    Given the late drilling date and the amount of rain that’s gone on them I’m pleasantly pleased with the state of my crops. I do have two small fields that are below par but most are looking well. How are others looking? Wheat and barley below, no rape this year but locally it looks well.
  7. Brisel

    Youshiko weather stations Are these any good? I've been looking for a fairly simple one that will connect to the internet so I can see the data remotely without paying a large fortune...
  8. Agriland RSS

    AgriLand’s ultimate Christmas gift guide

    Written by Rachel Martin What do you buy for the person who seemingly doesn’t need anything? We know farmers are a tricky bunch to buy for so with that in mind we’ve put together this year’s ultimate Christmas gift guide – agri-edition that is! Gifts for gadget geeks Mini weather station...
  9. CPM RSS

    Innovation Delve – The revolution begins

    Written by cpm Automation and AI in the world of agriculture are progressing at a jaw-dropping rate – with all signs pointing towards such tech becoming an imperative part of farming systems in the not-too-distant future. CPM finds out more. We’re not just looking at a fourth agricultural...
  10. Yale

    Have the met office lost the plot?

    Really..... I just can’t see it happening,in fact if anything if the cold fresh water from the pole sinks southward through the Gulf Stream disrupting it then we could end up being cooler.
  11. Nukemall

    Wireless thermometer

    Anyone got a recommendation for a wireless thermometer? Not really looking for a fancy weather station, just a thermometer that I can get far enough away from the house to give a decent reading, with a display inside the house. The last one I had kept disconnecting and was more trouble than it...
  12. J

    weather station

    Looking for a decent wireless weather station, don't want to spend a huge amount (£200?), what would people suggest? Cheers
  13. An Gof

    Red Tractor Chair sells out all members

    You couldn’t make it up 😡 The Chair of Red Tractor has sold out all members. Whilst she is happy to take farmers hard earned money whilst tying them in ever tighter knots she is happy to vote against food imports having to meet the standards of the organisation she presided over in the UK...
  14. JohnGalway

    John might go micro dairying...... kind of.....

    And I honestly haven't much of a clue about it :oops: So constructive, knowledgeable suggestions & leads are invited. I'd rather take a while fleshing out the idea than rush in and screw it up, as I would have to invest in facilities because none currently exist. I will post some of the photos...
  15. Princess Pooper

    Countryside Productivity Grant Scheme - final round (England)

    This might be in the dairy or other forums so apologies if duplicating but because it is cross sector I'm posting in here. Defra has opened the final round today, closing date for applications is 4 Nov so don't hang about!
  16. Old Tip

    National Beef Association on the wrong track ?

    I read in the Farmers Guardian that the NBA are suggesting the age at which cattle can be sold as prime beef be lowered to 27 months to allegedly reduce the carbon footprint of beef production. Firstly I completely disagree with their calculations as slower grown grass fed beef actuallytakes...
  17. N

    Drying rape

    Is it possible to dry rape too much with ambient air.
  18. MX7

    Accuracy of Davis weather station “rainfall” measured?

    As above , do any of you think the Davis , over reads or under reads rainfall against any other rain gauge you use.?
  19. 4

    osr sowing survival strategy

    ive not grown w osr for years ,but due to this last years cropping /resowings etc amhaving to put in an extra couple of fields into a break so have sown one of them in osr last monday, having just walked it can find plenty thats chitted and sending a root out helped by the moisture from the...
  20. steveR

    Wireless rain gauge?

    Just wondering whether to treat myself to one that can be put up in the garden on a pole. I don't want a full weather station, just external temp and precipitation, and I've found several on Amazon for 30-50 quid. But got a question... do they empty the water collector automatically? If so, how...