1. MX7

    Why are Velcourt not direct/zero drilling on a large scale?

    As above, as I thought they made themselves out to be a progressive farming business. :scratchhead:
  2. Jack Russell

    Farming Equipment and Technology Fund

    Just looking through the fund to see if anything fits with what we need. There is an option for a control panel for a continuous grain drier. As these come with specific criteria which we need to meet. The control system is easy enough but the awkward part is it needs to be accessed by a mobile...
  3. ajd132

    Claydon or Triton

    Would like to open our drilling windows up with a mounted direct tine drill. Claydon and triton I know are different designs/concepts but they are the two I would choose between. any thoughts welcome
  4. R

    Reco Breviglieri Master 250 bearing

    Hi all, After the demise of Reco in 2015, would anyone know who stocks or imports parts for the Reco breviglieri range? The roller bearing on ours has gone, and we think it comes as an entire replacement end for the roller which you weld on. I can't seem to find who acts as the agent for...
  5. B

    ELMS terms & conditions re Red Tractor

    Time to have a touch of reality with this ELMs lark, you will notice dear sweet Janet never mentions how these ELMS schemes are to be monitored, do any of you really think the government with DEFRA's so called "simplified" schemes are not going to want proof of value for money. Are they going to...
  6. Janet Hughes Defra

    Sustainable farming incentive details published today

    Morning all Today we'll be publishing some information about how the sustainable farming incentive will work when we start rolling it out from next year in England. I'll post the links here as soon as they're online, and will be here on this thread over the next few days to answer your...
  7. farmerman

    Simba freeflow seed flow issues

    Anyone else have a problem with seed jamming out of the metering unit and not going down the pipes to the coulter air is on maximum setting so carnt see it being that. Conclusion I have come too is that there’s not enough fall on pipes from metering unit to coulters as they sit about flat across...
  8. Manney

    Grassland direct drills that meet grant spec FETF44

    I'm pricing up direct drills that I will be using on grassland and I can claim for under the new grant scheme. I've enquired about, Atichison, Moore unidrill, Weaving and Erth. Is there any others? Any comments about any of the above from user experience would be useful.
  9. J

    Cambridge rolls to desiccate cover crops?

    What are peoples views and experiences on rolling cover crops to desicate them on a frost? We have a mix of Tillage radish, Lilla Phacellia and Ovidio Berseen Clover on some land going into spring crops. we drill using a Weaving Sabre tine and I am worried about having to much trash in the...
  10. S

    Direct drill longevity

    Just contemplating a few options There's been a lot more direct drills both come onto the market and been sold these last few years, but what is taking the test of time well, and what is becoming quickly uneconomical to run? Some of them seem to have a lot of moving parts to wear out. Our old...
  11. snarling bee

    DD Drill and SLUGS

    I had a demo of an Avatar drill in October. We drilled WW straight into straw removed wheat stubble and then continued onto cultivated ground. Compared to a tine drill and Vaderstad in the same field there is a huge amount more slug damage, both on the stubble and cultivated ground. Nothing was...
  12. JCfarmer

    Drilling beans with a weaving topsoiler?

    Might sell the Claydon and look to drill beans behind our topsoiler. Row spacing would be 41cm. Has anyone bought the kit to go behind the legs, twin pipes generally, blockages and depth control? Spoke with Simon Weaving the other day but hasn't come back to me with a price.
  13. BuskhillFarm

    Map for Direct Drilling

    Is there a map for where people do more direct drilling over ploughing? Moving on from the ploughing is bad thread, where is the cross over point. Is it only for the big south of England farms? Where is is dry and sunny and warm? I’m in Northern Ireland, it’s damp and mild all year around. I...
  14. Matt77

    New drill grant

    Maybe a daft question, can’t see the answer on Defra website, can you use a part exchange in the deal without causing a problem with the grant.
  15. Chips

    Is ploughing bad ?

    I know being from plough manufacturer they have a vested interest but an interesting read .
  16. Greythundercloudys

    Are those woolen smocks that good,?

    Was at mccaskies at Stirling for odds and ends, saw they had some of the above for sale, very expensive for what they are, do guys that have them like them or not worth the near 200£was priced at?.
  17. Hooch

    Strip till

    Does anyone strip till for maize and if so what does it cost ?
  18. Kevtherev

    New Grants

    Grants to plant trees and now grants for machines to chop them down….
  19. Janet Hughes Defra

    New Farming Investment Fund launched today

    Afternoon all - we've launched the farming investment fund - info here: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/farming-investment-fund Here's a blogpost explaining what's changed and how we've improved the scheme based on learning from previous schemes...
  20. DairyGrazing

    No till disc opener assembly.

    Can you buy a disk opener, seeding boot and closing wheel as one from anywhere in the UK. I see weaving let you buy a conventional till disk opener or a sabre tine but that is all i can find. I want to build something like this below.