1. Chris F

    Who has replaced Guy Smith at Red Tractor?

    Do we know yet who has replaced @Guy Smith at Red Tractor after he resigned last year? Did we ever find out more on the reason than the classic political "personal reasons"?
  2. wdah/him

    Advantages/disadvantages to lambing 1st may

    After having a few issues this past year Im thinking of lambing later. Normally lamb 17 march on ward but we always have issues when sheep are grazing silage ground away from home, have to bring them home and then send them back to it after lambing. Also struggle to have time for worming the...
  3. S

    Is Red tractor detrimental to your mental health

    Quick poll on how Red tractor affects your mental well being.
  4. Db1490

    What tup for Welsh drafts

    Planning to try 100 Welsh draft ewes this year as have taken on more grass. was planning to lamb outside from mid April on a low input/labour system. just can’t decide on what tups to run over them, wanting easy lambing and quick growing, not keeping any ewe lambs. hoping someone has been...
  5. topground

    DEFRA Animal Welfare grants.

    DEFRA decided that they know best how to spend the money that livestock farmers will now not have available through BPS and they have announced that they will fund an on farm review with your vet. I have responded to a request for input into the scheme as a livestock keeper. Does your vet know...
  6. Agriland RSS

    Illegal animal medicine seized at vet practice in the West Midlands

    Written by William Kellett from Agriland The Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD) has annocued that it has seized a quantity of illegal animal medicine during a routine inspection of a pharmacy in the West Midlands. A VMD inspector found 23 pots x Worming Capsules (50 tablets) manufactured...
  7. Kingcustard

    New Sheep Handling trailer.

    Just a wee plug for Mick and the team at MW Engineering in the South West of Scotland. Just got my new sheep handling trailer home and delighted with it. A properly made, strong trailer but light enough to pull with an ATV. 3 foot wide handling race and 18 inch narrow race for foot bathing or...
  8. T

    Store lamb dosing program

    Well lads I am from midland Republic of Ireland and purchase 500+ store lambs from the south of the country mid September and graze them on well fertilised out farms from our dairy operation until January. The day after arrival I bring them in and pour on Dysect 1ml of Generic Ivomec...
  9. J


    Never had it before. Was probably going to wean my best group of lambs. 300 lambs in the group. Nice big females to select from. Then about 10 days ago I noticed one or two. Since got them in to worm/wean. About 60 in the mob now. Some real bad swollen faces. Lambs have gone backwards 10 fold. I...
  10. TFF

    Pasture-fed cattle help preserve ancient meadows 2022-07-20

    Gwent Wildlife Trust (GWT) has been protecting wildlife and working to educate, influence and empower people to understand and care about the wildlife where they live. Established more than 50 years ago, the Trust has 9,000 members and looks after 33 nature reserves across the county. Pentwyn...
  11. Agriland RSS

    New test gives hope that sheep scab can be eradicated

    Written by Richard Halleron from Agriland A new blood test is giving hope that sheep scab can be eradicated in the UK and Ireland. But it is by no means a ‘silver bullet’. Developed by staff at Scotland’s Moredun Research Institute, the new test acts to identify infected sheep before physical...
  12. C

    Faecal Egg Counts in Sheep

    Running 300 organic ewes, now just moved onto rotanional paddock grazing after reducing field sizes. How often are other people are doing FEC samples? Previously on set stocked grazing fec samples done three times a year
  13. ilovebalingtoo

    Regerative grazing sheep breed?

    What breeds of sheep would suit a regenerative grazing approach, obviously a shedder but is an easycare the answer or something like a wiltshire horn more suitable for a hardy type grazer of more rough pasture?
  14. Steevo

    Opinion Harvester Survey - Red Tractor

    Had this come through by email this morning. Some excellent questions being asked. Anyone else who has it I suggest it would be well worth filling in.
  15. Princess Pooper

    Faecal egg counts

    Hi first year we have done this. First count yesterday, I collected a pooled sample and vet tech did the count for me. We have a written parasite control plan to refer to as well as vet advice, but I'm just interested in what 'cut off' people use for wormer. These are 9 month old heifers...
  16. Wynnstay

    Free Webinar: Worm Control in Lambs

    When: Wednesday, 29th June | 8:30 pm - 9:30 pm Delivered by our host Ally Anderson BVetMed MRCVS, Zoetis National Veterinary Manager VPS from Zoetis. This webinar will cover the main species of worms that cause disease in sheep. We'll be covering... The impact these worms can have on...
  17. T

    Shepherding cost?

    Anybody on here look after other peoples small flocks? 80 ewes ,20 ewe lambs outdoor lambing ewes only, no hard feed, Ring fenced, Labour only ,kit on site iae race and few hurdles, Checking once everyday bar Sundayexcluding lambing, how much you roughly charge for the year? And again any...
  18. neilo


    I see there has been a new sheep handling clamp launched a few weeks ago. Made in Ireland out of stainless steel and looks to have a drop floor so sheep are suspended like in a conveyor. They claim that you can handle ewes and lambs together, which is one of the downsides of the CombiClamp IMO...
  19. unlacedgecko

    Farm Vendor Finance

    Thoughts of the collective?
  20. JKG

    Ewe with bloody snot.

    Hello, I have a ewe with twins and 1 has orf and the ewe also has a tiny bit on her nipple. I have separated her from the other ewes and lambs...only 3 ewes and no other signs of it yet. she seem to be okay the first few days but she hasn't eaten the food I gave to her and she has had a snotty...