1989 Massey 3080 at auction. 120 hours!!


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I've got an original advertising pack that we were issued with on the launch of the 3000 series, when we went up to Coventry, perhaps that's worth something?


Be interesting to know the history on this tractor, original price paid? Why was it bought in the 1st place?

I would expect it would need some tlc before putting to work, components would be dry etc.
Richard Parris will snap that up, advertise it, then not reply to potential customers!
A low houred 6270 popped up on Parris tractors Facebook page one Sunday morning a few months back,I immediately emailed an enquiry and he replied within the hour. Sadly someone had allready committed to buying it.

I bought a tractor off him a couple of years back, I initially enquired about a NH but he sold that before I could get down to see it but he said he’d got the equivalent Case coming in soon, he let me know when it came in, I went there and bought it, I have to say I found communication with them good and would happily buy off the again

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