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Discussion in 'Dairy Farming' started by Cows 'n grass, Jun 4, 2014.

  1. Scholsey

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    758FF0F6-0BA6-4E28-9061-6F1E86D89996.jpeg 41B84ACE-EB19-4D51-AC3B-962777720F56.jpeg

    First cut done, slight delay getting the tyres on due to bee swarm above the tyre storage department! Local bee keeper came and boxed them up for a new home somewhere.
  2. Busy AI morning.
    IMG_20190516_081746752_HDR.jpg IMG_20190516_083223401.jpg
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  3. coomoo

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  4. Yes. I had a play with a few estrotects last year and really liked them so I've gone 100% that way this year.

    I thought I'd be the last person in the country to move away from tail paint but I can't see myself ever going back to painting now.
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  5. Princess Pooper

    East Mids
    Our local bee keeper been tearing her hair out, her bees keep swarming despite splitting them.
  6. vantage

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    New tank arrived, together with super duper offloading. Dell the driver,top bloke, nothing too much trouble,had some mean motorbikes too! IMG_20190516_090020.jpg IMG_20190516_083512.jpg
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  9. bigw

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    A good gale of wind would shift a few sheets I would think.
  10. Scholsey

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    Was told anymore than 20% clearsheets was way too much, think we have 15%......but come to think about the same guy did sell me the cow lights.....
  11. Bald Rick

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    Our best (ie coolest & the one the cows would choose) has no roof lights at all
  12. Ducati899

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    north dorset

    Bit of the bagged stuff today
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  13. I thats it

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    I'm looking forward to these calving in the autumn IMG_20190516_160859.jpg IMG_20190516_160849.jpg
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  14. Dont see many autumn calving suckler herds down here. :p
  15. I thats it

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  16. Barmyfarmer

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    Will they work on housed heifers do you think or will they be to inquisitive with them?
  17. Peterg

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  18. Davy

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    North NI
    Had them on housed heifers this last winter. Great job, far better than tail paint. No questioning of whether it's a positive heat or just a bit of carry on
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  19. Agrispeed

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    I used estotects and tail paint last year and I was pretty taken with them. I did get the odd one that ate theirs and a few that didn't seem to rub off, but I will be using them again (y)
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  20. Yes, I have friends who do this.

    It's really important to get them good and hot before applying them otherwise they will fall off

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