Big freeze coming

Discussion in 'Agricultural Matters' started by bobk, Jan 8, 2017.

  1. Shep

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    The Orchard County
    Thats why its been so mild all winter!
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  2. JP1

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    I have a Canadian mate who nows works in Georgia with a heavy sense of irony


    Could use some of that irony with the UK forecasters and newspapers
  3. Archie

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    That's how it all started here in 2010.
    Snowing with thunder & lightning at same time. Never seen it before or since.

    Just looked at BBC weather website for here. No snow and -2C for Sunday night the coldest it's to get before warming up again.
    Seems they've given it the usual big build up that's going to lead to nothing:rolleyes:
  4. Blaithin

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    Alberta, Canada
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  5. Ballygreenan

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    Tyrone NI
    You can be certain if the good old beeb are talking about it and warning us to be prepared if won't happen!
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  6. static

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    4 days ago BBC predicted doom and gloom. Now 10 day forecast is really good.....for January.
  7. Ballygreenan

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    Tyrone NI
    They change their mind on the forecast more often than they change their knickers!
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  8. That was a familiar scene here.

    South of us and towards Llangollen it was even worse with sheep walking from farm to farm over the snow,mixing with other flocks.

    In parts the council struggled to clear roads because it was so deep they could not find them.

    Hope we don't get it again.

    Pity is I didn't have an I phone at the time to record the scenes.
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  9. Grassman

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    2013 2013-03-27 17.03.55.jpg 2013-03-28 12.59.45.jpg
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  10. Shep

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    The Orchard County
    They should be like me, inside out and back to front every other day, Thats over a week you know!
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  11. Snow coming to north wales on Friday
  12. Your farm is right in mountains isn't it ?
  13. Winter 82 was the one I remember here. It didn't rise above -5 for 2 weeks. By the end of that our cattle troughs were just solid ice blocks and we were having to bucket water to 200 cattle each day (after thawing the house out as the water main used to enter from adjacent buildings through the roof space :banghead:)

    The RAF were airlifting fed to isolated sheep farms in Kent to keep stock alive.

    It happens so rarely here that nobody had the kit for it.

    I heard a radio discussion a few years ago when snow caused road chaos and airport closures down here that Helsinki airport had only been closed to aircraft for 20 minutes since it opened 40 years ago. They had snow falling so fast the runway was unsafe again before their fleet of clearance vehicles were safely off it!
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  14. Chae1

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    Minus 5!
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  15. silverfox

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    All our tack sheep had to stay here, as they couldn't get home to llanrheadre . A lot started lambing. It was a nightmare for you lads
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  16. JeepJeep

    JeepJeep Member

    I think 82 it was when we had it bad here in Flintshire I was 4 I have Pictures somewhere of a Volvo Wheel loader carving its way into the village. And the local bobby knocking on doors asking people to move their buried abandoned cars.

    2013 Was bad aswell. I'd come up from London that night and ended up camping out in a Octavia in a 24hour garage not far from home until first light when things had got a bit better.
  17. I suppose technically mountains but upland really.

    This is a borrowed image overlooking some of our fields looking towards a 1500ft 'mountain'.

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  18. Y Fan Wen

    Y Fan Wen Member

    N W Snowdonia
    Does no one else remember 78/9? Snowed every week from new year to end of March when it snowed and winded for 36 hours just as the first lambs were coming. I had gone to the outlying farm the day the storm started and the van stayed there for 3 weeks.
  19. Still Farming

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    Glamorgan Wales
    Thought mild next week but snow blast warning Thurs/Friday !
  20. I was still in short pants.:D

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