Biostimulants survey – More than muck and magic?

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Download PDF With a much more holistic view on crop protection in vogue, there’s a rising case for the use of biostimulants within the agronomic programme. CPM explores the potential. It can be concluded that biostimulants have a place under low or zero-fungicide input systems. By Charlotte Cunningham As the industry focuses more and more on the “bigger picture” surrounding crop growth and protection, biostimulants look like they could become an important part of the strategy. When used in the right situations, it’s claimed biostimulants bring a whole host of benefits – from protecting crops against stress events, to boosting yields – backed up by in-field trial data. But has the proof been enough to shake off the ‘muck and magic’ postulations? In a recent survey carried out by CPM and Interagro, just 27% of growers said they remain unconvinced by the claims, whereas 57% revealed that they believe biostimulants have a place in the agronomic programme, in the right situation. Delving deeper into the stats, 24% noted that biostimulants are a good insurance to help protect crops against abiotic stress. So just how beneficial can they really be? To know where and how a biostimulant could be effective, the…
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