Broiler slaughterings


Send quite a few to kosher trade.
Rabbi travels to York, a sample of birds are taken to him, so he can decide if the shed full have had a happy life.
For passover birds whole wheat is omited from the diet, milled wheat is ok
I had to read this twice. How amusing. Does he speak Chicken? How does he recognise a happy 1.5kg bird compared to an unhappy bird. Do the birds that are not selected have an opportunity to discuss matters with their representatives taken to see the man from God aka Rabbi.

Best wishes, sorry I could not resist. The lengths homo sapiens will go to sometimes
Customer is always right I guess.

28days with no birds is a long time, sheds washed fogged and resting.
Took the time to wash the feed bins out, repair some feed bin boots/augers.
Air vents repair next week, backup gas heaters will get a birthday also.
Next job complete, hired hand heater still in some use despite biomass , much better winterwarm indirect heater not in much use in GSHP shed, so swap over time.
( ignore the merlo in background, I am, its in the dog house after throwing its oil over the floor - steering hose)
h hand.jpg


If your HH work are you getting rid of them? I know a home for them!
Merlo still the nicest machine in a broiler shed and my first choice out as well. is it a 32.6P L
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merlo is 32.6 normal on smaller tyres, very good machine - until yesterday
Just one HH moved to replace the winterwarm, thru wall box was rotten over £200 for a new one so repaired instead. HH will only come on in first few days until GSHP alone is sufficient.

Winterwarm going in an older shed the only one with an undersized heat exchanger so biomass needs a little help, common sense leads me to think changing HH for a winterwarm makes sense, when the only costs are labour, tech screws and silcon.

put a good few reflective markers on the winterwarm as it protudes along way into an area used by night drivers

note the hole with a bung next to heater, cold fogger goes in there, spraying out into the warm air, so I can fumigate easily and safely.
this was last use of HH before I ripped it out
Ha its not all like that, we did our own mucking out for years, but last 2 years has been contractor, the same guy washes the sheds so any complaints about mucking out quality refer back to himself.He uses a rotary brush on an avant so doesnt need to push at the walls at all.

My dad used to drive the bobcat but at 78 decided to retire, the price for a contractor was surprisingly cheap. and leaves me plenty of extra time to do the others jobs that all need doing at the same time

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