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Phil P

Arable Farmer
North West
Glad I bought a pallet of Gallup earlier in the year looking at them prices 😱, I was told it was getting up around £70 a drum End of last week. These chem prices are definitely going to soak up any of the increased wheat prices!!
Just been charged £72 litre for 4 bottles of Milagro. I’m certain when I placed the order he said £72 for 5l jars. Is this a pisstake or has Syngenta seriously upped their prices? Just noticed Farm Compare offering Nicosilfuron 40g 5 litres for about £50 🤦🏻‍♂️

Could a ‘Meat Tax’ be on the cards in the UK?

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Written by Richard Halleron from Agriland

The latest machination coming from the so-called ‘opinion formers’, who seem to have the ear of government advisors in London, is the introduction of a ‘Meat Tax’ at consumer level.

This approach, it is argued, would have the combined impact of reducing meat consumption levels (I can really see the health benefits coming through now), while also helping to reduce the overall carbon footprint of production agriculture.

What absolute drivel! In my opinion, none of this makes sense at any level. This is a scurrilous and unfounded attack on livestock farming in this part of the world.

Yet, it has to be taken seriously. I make this point because economists at Rothamsted Research have already crunched the numbers where the introduction of a ‘UK...