Could the unthinkable happen?

Discussion in 'Brexit & Politics' started by Grassman, May 17, 2017.

  1. RobFZS

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    He's peddling the pay anything off with the magic money tree, while half his front bench cant give out the correct figures for their policies, not a hope in hell of being elected

    Nationalisation is a load of bollocks, i would much rather some greedy share holder took some profits, rather have some toss pot thinking because they're in the public sector, they needn't give a toss and offer crap service, just like the DVLA and all the other stroke stain agencies act like.
  2. caveman

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    East Sussex.
    Can still see a lot of ex Labour votes going to UKIP as a protest from those with life experience who could never vote Tory.
    Not that UKIP are going to get anywhere mind.
    But they will be a big thorn in Corbyn's side along with SNP.
  3. caveman

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    East Sussex.
    Good old Corbyn.
    Had £8.03 laying in my betfair account.
    At 19.25 this evening I backed Labour at 22's and layed off at 21's.
    It's just come in.
    £8.03 back in acc and £8.03 if Labour win........ or I could green up for .32p now. Lol
  4. DeeGee

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    North East Wales
    Agree with this statement 100%.
    The Liberals and Labour between them managed to drag up ordinary people from the gutter of penury and subjugation onto a reasonable level of existence and expectation.
    Lloyd George, Beveridge, Attlee and Aneurin Bevan gave ordinary people health care, a degree of self respect and dignity.
    Idiots like Red Robbo, Derek Hatton and other militants abused their power, utterly destroyed the credibility of unions and effectively laid the foundations of Thatcherism and the ensuing ethos of a selfish society that persists to this day.

    The trades union were undoubtedly over zealous architects of their own downfall, ultimately by the 1980's it was either they or Thatcher who ran this country.

    But the lack of an effective counter balance to free market economics, and the ensuing surge of laissez faire consumerism will ultimately lead to an ever widening gap between the rich and the poor in society.
    Some may welcome it, I don't.
  5. DeeGee

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    North East Wales
    Okay, so you wouldn't have have trusted Clement Attlee's post war government to introduce widespread social reform, and Aneurin Bevan to introduce the National Health Service to this country?

    I have to admit though that I would not trust Diane Abbott to a run a tom-bola stall at our church garden fete; nor Len McCluskey to be anywhere near a position of power in this country.

    But don't casually demonise a great political party because of current problems and possible shortcomings.
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  6. BobGreen

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    I was talking about the current lot. Where did I mention Clement Attlee ?
  7. Well, I have voted Conservative more often than not. Not always, but a lot of the time. Was wondering the other day, what would be the best for me to vote for. Was just about making my mind up, then I find this...

    It seems to me, that Mrs. May is taking lessons from the Chinese on how to control and censor the internet. And I do not like that at all. I mean, seriously, she wants to control what people can and can't post online.
    And all this started under New Labour, so they won't be any different with regard to online censorship. Beggars belief.
    Free speech is slowly being taken away from us. If that doesn't concern or worry you, then it bl00dy well should.
    Once there is technology to read our thoughts, they will.
    It also seems that the powers that be have no clue on how the internet works, they just want to control it. And probably profit from it.
    So I shall be having a rethink.
  8. neilo

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    You also can't promote the current shambles, purely on the basis of what their predecessors did in very different times.

    It's hardly surprising that the shadow cabinet don't appear to know what they're doing. They weren't selected by their abilities, just from the few that would still work with JC, once he'd sacked all those that disagreed with him.
  9. DeeGee

    DeeGee Member

    North East Wales
    Neil, I fully agree that the current lot are not fit to be mentioned in the same breath as some former Labour governments, and that they are quite probably, and even deservedly, unelectable.
    My point was that Bob Green said that he 'wouldn't let Labour run a bath.......... ' and whereas I can see that he probably meant the current lot, it could also have been taken as a sweeping generalisation of the Labour movement in general, which most would agree would have been both unfair and untrue.

    Possibly a mis understanding on everyone's part.
  10. yellowbelly

    yellowbelly Member

    I suspect, like a lot of other election manifesto pledges, that is far easier said than done.
  11. neilo

    neilo Member

    With respect, maybe it was a sweeping statement, but not only could it be applied to the current lot, but also the last lot, and several lots before that. It's a long time since Labour was a 'great political party' IMO and every time they've been in power in recent times, they managed to bring the economy to it's knees. The manifesto just released is a plan to achieve that much faster than ever before, IMHO.
  12. Martin Holden

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    Looking at History, under Labour administrations Ag' always faired better but as part of the EU and CAP it doesn't make any difference, but post Brexit it could well do again. One sad fact is there is no credible opposition and a democracy needs this to function properly. Never had there been a time when the choices have been fairly dull. Truth is no one knows what Brexit will mean for us all apart from keeping some civil servants and lawyers busy for the next few years! As a centre ground person, it is all very un exciting!
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  13. My vote will be wasted this year. :(

    I can't bring myself to vote Labour as I'm sure they'd crash the country :facepalm:. I do agree with some of their policies though.

    I can't vote Tory this time (have done a few times) as their handling of the NHS, social care and education appears incompetent :wtf::poop:.

    It looks like it'll be a protest vote for the Lib Dems or Greens for me then but our sitting Tory MP is virtually guaranteed a win in this area. :sick:

    It's called Democracy :banghead::inpain:
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  14. DeeGee

    DeeGee Member

    North East Wales
    Okay, point taken, I mis interpreted your post and I do apologise.
    (See my other reply to Neilo).
  15. Oh yes, very much so.
    Just another example of those in power showing how little they know.
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  16. joe soapy

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    Tories keep shooting themselves in the foot by poor explaining.
    First off, the change in NIC for the self employed, was going to be broadly neutrel for the sub £40000 earners, so good for most of us,
    The high paid gliterati stopped that by mobilising the poor to complain !!!!.
    Now its the winter fuel allowance. That is £200 for a non taxpaying pensioner ,. For a higher rate tax payer it was the equivalent to loosing £300 that they did not need
    anyway, no prizes for guessing who is howling loudly whilst citing the poor old pensioner
  17. Grassman

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    They havn't done themselves any favours with the elderly care proposals either. Seems once you get to 65 your better off selling the house, renting a house and spending all your money. Very poor situation where the ones who save and work and buy a house can end up with a 50k bill a year for care yet those who do sod all get it for free.
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  18. Old Boar

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    West Wales
    Whist I agree there has to be a cap to benefits, whoever came up with the rape clause needs to be locked away, for a long time.
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  19. topground

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    North Somerset.
    As an average aged Farmer, so someone for whom the clock is running down,I struggle with this concept of the taxpayer payng for my care (heaven forbid I should need it) so that my kids can inherit my estate.
    I am worth a few bob when it is all cashed and all,of it I have accumulated myself. If my two sons want to benefit if I need care, they need to work out how to provde that cheaper than the state.
    If I need care I fully intend it should be the best my money can buy. so if I am unable to look sfter myself in my own home what could I expect it to cost the boys to employ someone to live in than than the cost of a nursing home?
  20. Grassman

    Grassman Member

    I was thinking on similar lines. There could be a way of a few people needing care clubbing together to pay for a few carers who are shared between the group.

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