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  1. just thinking up ideas going forward so dont shoot me down but would buying 1 robot, putting off 60 sucklers are replacing them with 60 dairy cattle make sense, they could be grazed round the steading and have access to robot all the time, how much ££ roughly for a robot and can they be resold easy enough if it was decided dairy wasnt working out? @coomoo @Cowmangav @Chapelton @westwards
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    @No1 Yorkshire Farmer
  3. would you be able to get a milk buyer and a contract
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    Dairying is NEVER a sideline. It is full on commitment 24/7/365

    I suggest dairying is not for you
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    Mueller are not recruiting in Scotland. Graham's want you to have a successor on the ground @Bossfarmer . Have you bred one yet?
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    So the idea is you invest in a robot, a tank and 60 cows and the job basically manages itself with nothing else to bother about.......
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    Is that bit about Graham true, that they will only take on father and son businesses?
  8. you missed feeding them off the list, but the Boss will have that sorted
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    Is there any grants for buying Robots in Scotland ?
    How far are you from a milk processor?
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    If you farm North of Perth i think there is very little chance of you getting a milk contract TBH.
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    yeah, he says they can be grazed around the steading. Simples.
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    @Cowmangav said successor, nothing about father and son.................. ...
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  13. possible theres grahams down at stirling and some guys up here team together and take milk further, just looking into whether its feasable before i waste milk buyers time discussing contracts
  14. could be the wrong wording the idea would be to start with one robot and if its working out get rid of sucklers and go all in
  15. yes
  16. Of course it is feasible, the only decision is for you to take, do you want to do it?
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  17. a very good question, a grant would make all the difference
  18. no the cows would of course need all year round attention but a manageable number, robot would greatly reduce workload though especially at silage/harvest and sowing time
  19. is the grazing system more profitable with a small number such as 60 than keeping them in and pushing with concentrates/
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  20. if its going to be a good earner it must be considered say i could turnover 120k with 60 cows on grazing system i should be looking at about 40k net profit?
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