Egg prices dropping again.

Discussion in 'Pig and Poultry' started by wellingtonfarmer, Jan 3, 2019.

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    Bury St Edmunds
    Hmmmm doesn't sound to bad to me ....nice and warm lib food irritating idiots to put up with.... no one coughing and sneezing and infecting me with lurgies...where do I sign up?
    P.s I'm definitely up for it if I can have a hooker drop by once a week
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  2. Chae1

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    But they don't know any different?
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    We are not talking about newborn children , We are talking about laying Hens that can be housed in Barns where they can perform all of their natural behaviours or Enriched Cages where they can perform most of their natural behaviours

    It is not my fatuous standard , it is a fact that free range egg production is the dirtiest most diseased way to produce eggs and is not good for the welfare of the birds compared to other systems
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    2 years ago i nearly jumped on the band wagon,but i couldn"t decide between eggs or a 0.5 meg battery storage system.In the end fortunately i left the money where it was .For once in my life i think i made the right decision.
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  5. wellingtonfarmer

    That doesn’t mean jack sh!t by the sounds of it...
  6. Daniel

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    What have you heard?
  7. Daniel

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    From the BFREPA text service:

    ‘Oakland reduces the price to producers of medium eggs again by 10 pence on 'Worst Christmas ever for industry'.

    Very Large are raised by 7p and large by 2p.’
  8. wellingtonfarmer

    So much for improving welfare of the birds...
  9. Daniel

    Daniel Member

    It’s insane, very large eggs lead inevitably to high mortality. It can’t be shouted loud enough that this is not the farmers doing.

    Packers and retailers need to take a long hard look at themselves and take some responsibility.
  10. Grassman

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    What sort of price will mediums be?
  11. Billboy1

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    Would like to get into free range eggs for varying reasons am I mad !
    I understand it’s not good at the moment but how bad is it ?
    If you’re on a 16000 bird unit with a bowler type franchise ( or any other) are you actually losing dollar ? Or not making as much as you’d like to
  12. henman

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    a feed company said a young farmer 2nd crop 16000 hens struggling to pay feed bills had to go interest only and still got to pay for the hens not good
  13. Grassman

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    At least your asking the questions before doing it!
    I wouldn't even waste any more time.
    It will get a lot worse before it gets better. Too many have gone into free range recently. As cages have been phased out there are not the cheaper eggs about so free range have gone down in price to fill that market. That's how it feels. May not be exactly that. Some others will know far better than me.
    There is some local to me delivering free range eggs, one dozen at a time, for £1.50 a dozen. No wage in that.
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  14. midlandslad

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    Still plenty of new sheds going up in East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire
  15. Daniel

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    You need a production contract before anything else, has someone offered you one?

    If so what are they paying for eggs and what are you paying for feed? Can you buy your feed + pullets where you like or are you tied to the packers own mill and rearing operation?

    Until you have these numbers you can’t budget.

    You’ll have the highest cost eggs as you have the most modern equipment, will that make you money when the competition can’t?
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  16. Billboy1

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    None of the above! I doubt I’ll be doing it sounds like a bit of a treadmill and not for the faint hearted ?
  17. Daniel

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    Big article in the farmers weekly this week about Wot a hen building 5 x 64000 bird sheds at its rather grandly titled ‘Northern Poultry Campus’.

    If they’re prepared to build like that when times are bad it will be a long time before the market comes good?
  18. nonemouse

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    North yorks
    but they are promising a 10% return on investment, how can you fall off? :banghead::banghead::banghead:

    £250k return on £2.5 build cost (think you might be struggling to build a 64k bird site at that and your also forgetting the value of 84 acres of land tied to the project).
    So after 10 years you will have got your £2.5 million back but chances are the equipment will be half knackered, the site will have minimal value and you probably be about ready for a refit to keep producing.

    Not saying it isnt possible to make money from hens, but it aint all roses, and probably the profitable part of warrendales operation could be "wot a pullet"
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  19. Daniel

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    Isn’t the farm owned by the MD of Vencomatic UK? They are hardly going to make a song and dance about a thumping loss in year one!
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  20. nonemouse

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    North yorks
    I've been out of the poultry industry too long to know who owns what, to honest I'd not heard to wot a hen before your post, going on what is on their website it etc it would not surprise me if there was a tie up with vencomatic somewhere,

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