Learn something new every day- that looks similar to rosebay willowherb but they are not the same.
Far from it. An ephemeral weed very much like groundsel, behaves very different than Rosebay. Major weed for me and surprised it never gets a mention. More of a bare ground weed rather than in sward I guess.


What’s that stringy, knotty stuff that spreads itself out low like a mass of string?

I was in a rush one day so ran about 50 yards to get the Loadall, bloody stuff tripped me up and I did some kind of stunt forward roll before ending up on my back. Had to have a look round to make sure nobody saw it. 🤣
Corn Spurrey, it's an indicator of lime deficiency :oops:
grows in a mass close to the ground.

In conversation with a soil health pioneer

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In conversation with a soil health pioneer

Written by Janet Hughes

In this month's Future Farming podcast, Janet Hughes talks to Gabe Brown.

Gabe has been named one of the twenty-five most influential agricultural leaders in the United States. He farms at...