Match plough wheel marker


Get mine laser cut from 5 or 6mm. When you fit it make sure you can spin the wheel so that you can check it for true. Make sure to mark it out well for welding and weld short sections 100mm long diametrically opposed. Do not try to weld it continuously round without stopping or it will deform and your scraper will not work correctly.
I always set mine in from the edge so that it does not cut the furrow wall down when running off the oddments at the finish when you have the left hand wheels in the furrow hole.


rusty nuts

Another way to do it is to fit a normal plough disk to the frame and make a bracket and shaft just make the shaft so you can get it 10 or 12 inches from the rear landside
That's a rip off, you'll get something much cheaper than that. Shop around local fabrication companies, someone will cut you something for £20/30. Mine was laser cut as a favour from a local company who supply where I work. Mines also 3mm, I think its ample...
How deep do you recommend the wheel marker should go into the ground? Or how much bigger than the wheel should the marker be? I hope you understand what I'm trying to say.
You want it so it can be seen if the ground is like concrete, but not too big clog up the scraper or lift the plough out if on stoney ground.
Mines about 50mm proud, works a treat, puts a nice mark down for my disc to follow so I know I'm exactly the right width on my front furrow. I never have any issues with hard ground or trash...

Roll it, laser cut it, doesn't really matter...its whatever's easiest for you to do/buy.

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