Mixit slurry stirrers any good?

Discussion in 'Machinery' started by Cider drinker, Oct 13, 2014.

  1. Peppa pig

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    Castle douglas
    I have both tower mixer and lagoon mixer from mix-it.id be happy for @stirrer to put on here what theyve cost to run.tower mixer 7 year old and lagoon mixer 4.it will be pence per hour.
  2. Sid

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    South Molton
    Is what?
    Standing on a tower with stabilizer legs in a safety cage?
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  3. Hilly

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    Scottish Borders.
    I was astonished at how quick the mixit mixed my store, unbelievable.
  4. Why not have controls from the cab
  5. Sid

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    South Molton
    because you can't see what you are doing 12 foot below the top of the store. Fibre cement sheets aren't cheap you know.
  6. stirrer

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    not sure what you have spent so far but would think £100/year would cover it. you are a busy contractor so things like pto's are pretty busy.
    tower stirrers seem good for 8 years and then the belts fail. best then to renew the pulley bearings at the same time. belts are around £300-400
    Lagoon stirrers, providing the main bearing is not regularly submerged, last about 7 years untouched.
    as usual, the wreckers take most of the spares I supply. Bending the PTO's u/j's EQUALLY is really important as the impellers do take a lot of continuous power.
    how many people have not yet touched their machines? must be half of the customers from my records.
  7. vantage

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    New impellor here as the contractor ran it sitting on the concrete floor of the lagoon!:confused:
    New bearings supplied as we thought they had failed because of wobble caused by the damaged impellor,originals all ok and now the spares!
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  8. stirrer

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    re costs - had a farmer collect the main and pto bearings last night.
    he has a 1997 20ft mixit lagoon stirrer. it was the second time i have seen him in that time.
    total costs so far (ignoring upgrading his impeller) is £400
    this equates to £20 per year for this farmer, and service intervals of 10 years!

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